Monday, 6 November 2017

DVD Roundup: Minimum Effort, Maximum Result edition

Erm... what can I say about this film? Despicable Me 3 utilises some of the low-grade tactics that Illumination Animations has become renowned for, with its over-reliance on the cute, humour that its target audience probably won't understand (in this case its 80s references), and its low cost animation techniques, resulting in this film becoming the fourth highest grossing animation of all time. Maybe you can tell I'm not a fan of Illumination. However, maybe the only reason you'll want to watch Despicable Me 3 is because Trey Parker, the co-creator of South Park, voices the antagonist Balthazar Bratt.

Your Name, or Kimi no na wa, has gone on to become Japan's highest grossing anime based on world wide sales. The film seems like a much better version of It's a Boy Girl Thing, where we see a country girl switch bodies with a Tokyo boy and try to find each other. Also including time-travel aspects, along with escapist fantasies and disastrous moments, Your Name has achieved a lot of praise and may be worth a watch for those uninitiated into anime.

*Shudder* Bad Santa 2 has to be one of the most mean spirited films I've seen in a long time. It's truly garbage, and the only reason Richee gave it an average score is because he was "nostalgic" for the vastly better first film. Still, Richee groans at the name of the film now. Truly, if your one desire is to ruin Christmas this year, put Bad Santa 2 on for your family. Listen to our podcast review of the film here.

Starring His and Hers favourite Min-sik Choi, The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale (Daeho in its original South Korea) sees an experienced hunter tasked with capturing the last tiger in Japanese occupied Korea. Directed by Hoon-jung Park, who did the terrifyingly bleak I Saw the Devil, The Tiger was originally released in 2015, but only now are we getting it in the UK. Expect some excellent CGI, great acting, and impressive imagery.

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