Monday, 27 November 2017

DVD Roundup: Bad Monkey edition

How are these movies not more talked about? A big budget Hollywood summer blockbuster about monkeys and apes, and yet more in said about the goddamn Emoji Movie. Maybe one of the reasons is that its a very serious movie, and extremely realistic looking, removing it somewhat from its pulpy origins. Serving as a last moment of glory for Andy Serkis and his interpretation of Caesar, War for the Planet of the Apes is a sombre film, but a great swan song for this transformative series. Listen to our podcast review in the player below.

Speaking of The Emoji Movie, its finally out on DVD. Yay? Described by many a critic as the most hateful and cynical movie of the year, we managed to miss out on this one, and we have no immediate plans to watch it. The only fascinating thing out this film is how badly this film cocked it up, from its less then subtle advertising to its terrible life lessons. I recommend this Wisecrack video for those uninitiated to the world of totalitarian kids movies.

Famous for being the most expensive independent movie ever, Luc Besson's Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets cost about $209 million, but just about scrapped back its cost in its theatrical run. So what went wrong? Alas, this is not a film we saw, as we have been careful to not pump our money into films were not at least intrigued to see, and I guess that's the problem with Valerian. A kind of nondescript plot, garish CGI, and two leads wouldn't draw in the numbers at the box office. Maybe one of the most expensive "meh" movies around.

If you don't have Netflix, then you can now get your hands on Luke Cage season one. Following Cage, a superhuman with unbreakable skin and super strength, we see him deal with gangsters and corrupt politicians in Harlem. With some great performances and a lively soundtrack, this is a definite must watch for those trying to keep up with the Marvel plot lines. Read Richee's review of the series here.

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