Thursday, 26 October 2017

HALLOWEEN HORROR - The Rezort (2015)

Well there's no better time to get back into my mass watching of random zombie flicks then at Halloween. So I searched long and hard on Netflix for a film to watch and found The Rezort from 2015. Think Jurassic Park with zombies, but the park is a whole lot shittier. The film starts with a reporter chasing a scoop, and we get the back story that there was a zombie war ten years ago where two billion people died. Humans won the war, wiping out the zombies, except on a remote island which has been turned into a park where you can shoot all the zombies you want.

The story follows Melanie who heads to the Rezort trying to get over her issues with what happened during the war. One thing leads to another and the park gets a computer bug which releases all the zombies into the park. Luckily for the zombies, their cages link to every inch of the park so they can kill everyone pretty quickly. Apart from our main cast of stereotypes of course. They realise the park is going to get bombed to hell and they have to get to the evacuation point before that happens. 
So there is a lot of issues with this film, the biggest one being the world itself. After finding out the plot I questioned how they can maintain the park with zombies if these idiots are coming over gunning them all down. You find out why, but the added excuse of "because no one cares" really didn't sit well with me. Maybe they should of just made out like the rich-evil-person behind the park is paying off those who matter (aka our "heroes") rather then that lame line. Also I didn't care about any of the cast. I found myself routing for the zombies. But then the way the zombies get the kills are super cheap as they just emerge form nowhere, or literally fall out from the roof at one point, which had me rolling my eyes.

The acting, even if I disliked the characters, is good, and the zombies looked good, but they should have made up their mind if these zombies could walk or run. The park also looked great, but the fact that everything goes down far too easily and the zombies getting into every inch of the park seemed ridiculous, as you'd think there would be emergency procedure to keep some doors locked. Even the cars run though the main frame some how, which seems a bit stupid as they weren't on tracks, they were just bog standard jeeps, so how were they linked and WHY?!?
Final verdict for The Rezort is a 3/10. They really should have taken one more look over the plot and fleshed it out as it just felt far too coincidental and stupid through out, plus the ending of the film was so lame. It's only an hour and a half long and it never gets boring, so if your an avid zombie fan I'd say give it ago, just don't question anything as they don't explain it. Richee


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