Saturday, 28 October 2017

HALLOWEEN HORROR: Land of the Dead (2005) - podcast review out now

We round up our Halloween special podcasts, dedicated to the late great George A. Romero's zombie films, with 2005's Land of the Dead. Starring John Leguizamo, Asia Argento, Simon Baker and Dennis Hopper, we witness people try and claw themselves back from the apocalypse and recreate society. Unfortunately though, they've gone for a feudal system, and people are not happy when the wealth is hoarded with the mix. Also, zombies continue to gain back their senses, and Big Daddy (Eugene Clark) is maybe our most "human" like zombie yet. While not the cinematic gold that Night, Dawn and Day were, as the film forgoes character development for intense gore, there is still some worth to Land of the Dead, and continues to prove that the creator the zombie film as we know it still had plenty of surprises to show us.

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