Wednesday, 4 October 2017

HALLOWEEN HORROR: I Drink Your Blood (1970)

There's something about David Durston's I Drink Your Blood that had me attracted to it for a long time. Mainly its the audacious title and the intense poster, but I knew it was something I had to experience. The plot is equally ludicrous, focusing on a group of devil-worshipping hippies who settle in a small near-abandoned town, and after they attempt to sacrifice a man and give a grandpa some LSD, a young boy takes revenge by dosing a bunch of pies with rabies from a stray dog. Soon enough, the whole town is frothing at the mouth and ripping each others heads off.

I Drink Your Blood is a wonderful piece of trash, with laughable acting and ridiculous gore, but that's what you expect from this kind of movie. Inspired by a real life rabies infection in Iran and the Manson murders, there is a thick streak of paranoia running through this film. The small town immediately distrusts these mocking hippies (not without reason) and seeks to investigate them straight away, referring to them as a "gang of savage hyena's." While the hippy group may be a gang of kinky pseudo-satanists, Pete, the young boy, clearly has some psychotic tendencies of his own, as it is he that spikes the pies with rabies and actively sells them to the hippies, inadvertently destroying the town in the process.

Although there are some disturbing aspects to the film, mainly concerning the use of hippy Molly's sexuality in order to protect herself (to no avail), and the pregnant hippy's dismay as finding out she's infected, the trauma is undercut by the typical array of silliness. The films score oscillates between space age synth and Scooby Doo chase music, which may sound erratic, but provides one of the more enjoyable aspects to the film.

Unlike other B-movies that deliver a whole lot of nothing and just a couple of good scenes, I Drink Your Blood is a consistently entertaining film, with just enough plot to keep you going through its 90 minutes until you get to its manic ending, where all the fake heads are waved about and all the toothpaste is foamed at the mouth.

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