Wednesday, 11 October 2017

HALLOWEEN HORROR - Hell and Back (2015) - Richee Review

Hell and Back came out in 2015 and peaked my interest with it's stellar cast and interesting animation style. But even though it's been on Netflix for a while now I've only just got round to watching it, which is useful as it can be part of Halloween Horror month.

The story follows friends Remy and Augie trying to save there friend Curt, who has been transported to hell after breaking a blood oath with Remy. While traversing Hell, the two meet Satan who is eager to impress his angel girlfriend Barb. The two then flee, searching for Orpheus, who they believe can help them safe Curt. They also meet Deema in their travels, who is also searching for Orpheus for different reasons.

So the animation attracted me to this film originally, in certain places though the style really doesn't look good, mainly in the faceless souls being tortured, but also in Deema's character design, which was looked a bit rushed and lazy. The actors were all good with the likes of Nick Swardson, T.J. Miller and Rob Riggle playing the three friends, and Mila Kunis playing Deema and Bob Odenkirk playing Satan all doing solid work.

The story is simplistic, but travel across a lot of different scenes and scenarios, usually highlighting how unlikeable most the characters are. Satan comes off well as a kind of Average Joe trying to run Hell, failing with tortures and motivating his demons to do their best work, as he just tries to impress the lady he likes. Remy is a dick and is the main character the story follows, and the less said about how much of a scum bad Orpheus is the better, plus he gets no comeuppance in the end.

The juvenile humour works for the style but does get old fast. Some of the demons have great one liners which break up the repetition of fart jokes and insults, but the story could have done with something more, maybe a little more wit. Final verdict is a 5/10: it's an average film, which is a shame with all the voice talent and style they had. Feeling like a more mature Aardmans, just with out the finesse and quality they are known for. Richee

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