Saturday, 28 October 2017

HALLOWEEN HORROR - 1922 (2017)

I delved back into Netflix for this Stephen King adaptation. You can't do Halloween with out taking a look at some Stephen King. This film stars Thomas Jane as Wilfred, a farmer in Nebraska during 1922. Wilfred takes pride in the farm land he owns, seeing it as inheritance for his son Henry for when he and his wife Arlette pass away. But Arlette doesn't enjoy the farming life and wants to move to the big city and open up her own dress making store. Both are unhappy with their marriage and this is the final nail in the coffin for the marriage, leading Wilfred to become deceptive and vindictive towards Arlette, bringing his 14 year old son on board to kill her.

After the two deal with Arlette, seemingly getting away with it, things start to deteriorate in their relationship and an infestation of rats start to make life on the farm a struggle, especially when Wilfred starts hallucinating Arlette around the house. The story is told by Wilfred as he writes his confession in a hotel room, and the majority of the story takes place during 1922 but ends in 1930.
The film has a very slow, methodical pace that works really well for the setting. All the actors were brilliant, especially Thomas Jane as the lead. The story left me questioning if Arlette had become a super natural being, or if it is Wilfred's guilt and grieve manifesting itself in her form. The film suffers from one bit of terrible CGI with a cow falling in a well, but other then that everything looked really good, especially some of the more graphic scenes. 

Final rating is a 7/10: it's a good film, well worth a watch if you like your slow burn thrillers/horrors. One of the better adaptations of a Stephen King novella, plus it doesn't go super weird like most of King's stories. Have you seen 1922? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. Also, what is your favourite Steven King adaptation? Richee

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