Monday, 16 October 2017

DVD Roundup: "You gonna turn your back on family?" edition

Which series is more bombastic? Tansformers or Fast & Furious? There's a lot of explosions between them, but Fast & Furious may still endure within the public's opinion but at least it talks about family and honour without irony. Fast & Furious 8, or The Fate of the Furious in the US, teases at a break in that honour, but not enough to bring it up to the levels of Game of Thrones destruction of dynasties. While still as bonkers as the previous movies, this instalment is not as emotionally investing as 7, but still contains some over the top performances from Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron and Jason Statham. Listen to our full review in the player below.

A man suffers from a family tragedy and falls into a depression, and in order to work through his feelings he moves into a shack in the wilderness, where he has his faith in the Christian god reconfirmed. The Shack in described by Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian as "Not really a film. More an instructional video designed to be shown to teens at a Christian summer camp and earnestly discussed afterwards with a T-shirt-wearing group leader whose smiley tolerance for dissent is finite." Is it bad that I'm looking forward to The Cinema Snob breaking this one down?

Whoa, two Winston Churchill films in one year? And he's on the new £5 note? It seems like we somehow need reminding that he was an important Prime Minister in British history, or something. Churchill, with Brian Cox in the titular role, takes place in the months before D-Day, but focuses more on his infamous "black dog" and his relationship with his wife. While Cox has been praised for his portrayal of the PM, the film has been criticised for being uncritical of Churchill's flaws.

Takeshi Kitano has become quite a cult figure, and some of his older films are being re-released to reach his wider audience. One of them is Getting Any?, a film he stars in and directs, about a man so desperate for sex that he gets involved in random exploits, including buying a car and robbing a bank. Told as a series of skits, this 1994 film may be a little random, but one definitely for those that take joy in the surreal.

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