Monday, 9 October 2017

DVD Roundup: "They don't deserve your protection!" edition

Wonder Woman has been a standout example of the superhero genre this year. DC's cinematic universe had a rocky start, with the Superman films being less than great and Suicide Squad was a disaster on most fronts. Wonder Woman, however, came out with a lot less of the, for lack of a better word, bullshit that many superhero films contain: Diana isn't morally conflicted, the story isn't ashamed to be sentimental, and it is incredibly focused within a franchise that can't wait to set up the next film. Yes, it does play it safe, and the final battle may be a little predictable, but Wonder Woman is a genuinely affecting film that will hopefully stabilise a derailing franchise. Listen to our podcast review in the player below.

This Irish film looks at the lives of a group of men that attempt to take over the drug trade in Darndale, in the Northside of Dublin, and live out the hedonistic gangster lifestyle of sex, money and power. However, given that the film is called Cardboard Gangster, we can guess that they may not be very good at projecting this lifestyle, and will probably be punished for doing so. Described as being energetic and having "salty" humour, but ultimately flawed by The Guardian, this looks like a film to enjoy if you like seeing the dichotomy inherent within gangland culture.

Otherwise known as Under Sandet, Land of Mine looks at the harrowing story of German POW's who have to dig up millions of land mines with their own hands and the end of the second world war. As is commonplace with contemporary movies about the two world wars, this film won't play propaganda and instead will just show you the shocking and often violent lives of the people that had to go through these wars on both sides.

Do you like your shitty shark movies? Then you'll love Open Water 3: Cage Dive. Having not seen any of the Open Water films, I can only guess that they are about a group of hot young people in minimal clothing getting terrorised by sharks and dying in grisly ways that gradually get worse as the franchise goes on. Still, if you like those kinds of films then you'll probably like this, where the twist is that the humans are stuck in a cage, and not floating in the sea. Cool.

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