Monday, 2 October 2017

DVD Roundup: Shine On You Crazy Diamond edition

Probably one of the most enjoyable television series of the year so far has to be season one of Legion. In an age saturated by identi-kit superhero movies and shows, Legion, along with the likes of Logan, show a way for the genre to transform beyond its apparent limitations. With the awesome Dan Stevens playing David, a powerful telepath who has been told he's schizophrenic for most of his life, the show twists and turns the story in unison with David's fractured mind, and combines this with a uniquely stylised world and cinematography. If your ready for X-Men to break out of its cinematic mould, then Legion will be richly rewarding. Read Richee's review of season one here.

After a slightly lacklustre fourth season, House of Cards returned to some of its earlier form in the latest season. Back are Frank Underwood's snarky asides to the audience, and we witness more of his furious determination to stay in power, even if that means implementing a shock doctrine across America. Also, Claire, maybe consistently the best character in the show, finally shows some of her true colours to the audience. Read Layla's review of season five here.

David Hasselhoff really has become a simulacrum of himself now, a brand loaning himself out for lols. Killing Hasselhoff sees Ken Jeong loose nearly everything, and in order to pay back his loan shark, he sets to kill his deadpool, that's right, David Hasselhoff. I'm sure this is a fun movie, but coming straight to DVD doesn't fill me with too much hope that this is a hidden comedy classic. Interestingly, this film did star Hulk Hogan, but after he was sacked by the WWE, they cut all of his scenes out.

Becoming somewhat of a minor cult classic, the original Goon saw Seann William Scott become a famous ice hockey player after knocking someone out. Goon: Last of the Enforcers sees Scott return, but now he is retired from the sport, living life as an insurance salesman after one too many knocks to the head. However, an old enemy returns to the ice, and so he does too. While maybe we shouldn't expect anything ground breaking, expect something mildly entertaining. As someone who grew up in ice rinks watching my brother beat up people in hockey matches, I can't help but be slightly sympathetic to this franchise.

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