Saturday, 16 September 2017

Little Evil (2017) - Richee Review

Another week, another Netflix exclusive movie. Little Evil has an impressive cast featuring Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, Clancy Brown and a small role for the always awesome Donald Faison. The film is horror comedy, think Omen meets Problem Child

Gary (Adam Scott) has recently married Sam (Evangeline Lilly), and is finally spending some time with his new step son Lucas. Gary has trouble communicating with the silent Lucas, and when Lucas does speak to Gary it's through his goat sock puppet Leroy. After witnessing his wedding video and learning how Lucas was conceived, Gary decides to seek help about what to do with his possible Antichrist stepson, finding out he may have to kill his stepson to save the world but end his marriage.
So I didn't like the intro to Little Devil, as the scene is repeated half way through the movie seemed pointless, and left me wondering if that was her last husband, but no, just a random intro. Also, Evangeline Lilly annoyed me as Sam, never acknowledging the fact that Lucas might be the one with the problem, and being constantly over protective of him, and being a dick to Gary. I liked Adam Scott, he plays the nice guy really well and puts it to good use. For me though Al (Bridget Everett) was the best character hands down. Stealing the show as another step dad, trying to help Gary with his new responsibilities. 

There wasn't enough Donald Faison for me but there never is, and Clancy Brown felt very underwhelming as the Reverend Gospel. Owen Atlas was good as Lucas and was a great double act with Leroy, in fact the film needed more Leroy. The film looked good and had a nice nod to Poltergeist. The film was a fun throw away film that tries to put across a good message about being who you want to be, not who others want you to be. It's not gonna blow anyone away but it's a good hour and a half watch. Final verdict 6/10: Netflix have been doing well with good films, it's just a matter of time before Adam Sandler returns. Richee

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