Saturday, 23 September 2017

Hotel Transvylvania 2 (2015) - Richee Review

Following on from the surprising good Hotel Transylvania, Adam Sandler rounds up his buddies for a sequel. With a third film coming out in 2018, it's obviously time for me to review this sequel, plus it's out now on Netflix so that helps.

The sequel follows Mavis and Johnny as they get married and have their first child in Dennis, or Dennisovich if you're a vampire. It's coming up to the Dennis' fifth birthday and he has yet to grow his fangs. As Mavis worries that a monster infested hotel won't be a safe place for her human son to grow up, Drac has to try and teach Dennisovivh to be a monster before he loses his daughter and grandson to humanity and normality.

So a pretty simplistic story with monster gags through out, what's not to like? The monsters are great for their part, and having been revealed to the human side of the world they're more like celebrities now. Wayne the Werewolf is great, having lost his instinct to kill and is more like a domesticated dog chasing tennis balls and frisbee's. But Blobby is great as well as the Blob, he is portrayed with innocence and has the best slapstick parts of the film.
My biggest gripe of the film is the ending with Drac's father Vlad being invited to Dennisovich's birthday party, with the panic of this old school vampire who hates all humans being invited, and the fear he'll eat Johnny and all his family, so they panic to cover up the fact they're humans. Vlad's vampire brood member Bela realises Dennis may be human, and this leads to a big stupid fight scene with the brood getting beaten up in a tedious fight with no real tension, and leads to Vlad dismissing his brood and hanging out with the humans who he doesn't mind now, having hated them for hundreds of years. Yeah right.

This film is neither as clever or as entertaining as the original, as it's not bad, it's just bland and predictable which is why my final verdict is 5/10. Bog standard, a few laughs, but nothing out standing. The voice acting is good again, but I just don't like Mavis or Johnny, they're again just bland and cliche and they take away from the monster group. Richee

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