Monday, 4 September 2017

DVD Roundup: Taserface edition

Marvel's risky Guardians of the Galaxy proved that you can put an little known group of interplanetary bandits on the big screen and people will watch it, providing its fun and well written. While not as slick as the first film, Vol. 2 expands the Marvel universe out further and sets itself up nicely for the third film and for the inevitable interplanetary battle in Infinity Wars. Check out our full podcast review in the player below.

One film that we both wanted to see but which never made it to our local cinema was Mindhorn, a British comedy starring Julian Barrett from The Mighty Boosh. Achieving that particularly British kind of naffness that isn't easily replicated in US films, Mindhorn sees Barrett play a TV detective who has been off the air for many years, but then is called up by the police to take part in an investigation, as the criminal only wants to talk to Mindhorn.

Starring Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale and Charlotte Le Bon star in The Promise a love triangle taking place at the end of the Ottoman Empire that deals with the Armenian Genocide. What's most controversial about this film is its IMDb score, which achieved over 55,000 1 star ratings after only three screenings, many by Armenian Genocide deniers. The movie was a box office bomb, but the studio was more concerned about sharing the story then the profits.

The Evil Within is a fairly standard horror movie with a sad backstory. Its tells the tale of a mentally handicapped boy whose own reflection tells him to murder people. The director, Andrew Getty, struggled to get the film funded, and unfortunately died while the film was being edited.

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