Monday, 11 September 2017

DVD Roundup: Indie Kaiju edition

An indie drama about finding your place in the world crossed with a kaiju monster flick, Colossal may just well be this years Swiss Army Man. Starring Anne Hathaway as an out of work party girl dumped by her boyfriend (played by Dan Stevens) who moves back to her small town home. Meanwhile, in South Korea, a monster is terrorising everyone, and it seems that all of our protagonists actions are being repeated by the monster, and she has to find out why.

Snatched sees Amy Schumer team up with Goldie Hawn as estranged mother and daughter duo who team up on a holiday to South America. Cue gross-out humour and a weak plot in what seems to be the standard setting for comedies nowadays. Probably not an awful film, but you can tell its not gonna be a great film.

Focusing mainly on David Lynch's career as a fine artist, The Art Life is a dreamy documentary, imitating many of the techniques used in Lynch's own films. While he is a love/hate director for many, I cannot help but admire someone that sticks so thoroughly to their creative goals, and especially someone that has achieved so much success by sticking to their own style. Definitely a film I'm going to seek out.

Greek film Suntan may be described as a comedy, but there is something distinctly creepy in its plot. A middle-aged man goes on holiday and as invited along on a little day trip by an attractive young woman, along with her friends, and he quickly becomes obsessed with her. A cringe-worthy exploration into ageing, Suntan is here to remind you that once your salad days are gone, you'll never get them back.

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