Thursday, 17 August 2017

Vice Principals - Richee Review

Well I've been lacking in the blogs as of late (sorry about that), but with Now TV in tow because hell no am I missing Game Of Thrones, but The Layla has all ready hijacked that goldmine worth of blogs so I've searched what else I could watch and found the show Vice Principals, starring Danny McBride and Walton Goggins. With two great talents like that fronting the series, I wasn't sure how I hadn't heard of it, so I dived in feet first, kinda expecting a shit show.

So the show opens with the Principle, played by Bill Murray, retiring to look after his sick wife, leaving one hot headed Vice Principle and one suck up Vice Principle, hoping to land the job of Principle. When the day comes to announce the new Principle both men are less then pleased to be passed over as the job is given to Dr Belinda Brown, a successful Principle from Philadelphia. Both men decide to put there dislike of one another to one side and take down this new enemy.
The show took me a while to get behind because it's a case of you got these two jerk leads trying to force this woman out of her job for no other reason then they want it. They don't care how good she is at the job, or what kind of person she is, it's just out of their own greed. So it's hard to kind root for them, but as the show goes on, it fleshes out the characters really well, showing you the struggles both men go through in life, and also Dr Brown, who has a tragic back story, which lead me to kinda root for all three. 

Danny McBride plays Neal Gamby, the hot headed authority figure of the school, dealing with his daughter growing up with his ex-wife and her new step dad Ray. Walton Goggins plays Lee Russell, the overly camp suck up who's friends with everyone, but only for his own means, but is struggling with his wife's mother moving in to his house showing him no respect. Kimberly Hebert Gregory plays Dr Belinda Brown, the new Principal, who is a no nonsense strong willed woman trying to raise her two sons after a messy break up, leaving Philadelphia for this new job.
It's really nice to see the comradery between the two leads blossom into a proper friendship. They're both scum bags, but it's good to see them find a friend in each other, seeing their devious plans fall apart and the lengths they're willing to go to to get their way, while they scheme behind Dr Browns back. Mr Gamby chasing his affections for teacher Miss Snodgrass, played by Georgia King, who thinks he's a bit of an arsehole, but as the two work together she sees maybe he isn't such a bad guy.

I think the latter half of the show is better then the beginning, and I think it really picks up with the last three episodes, leaving on a cliff hanger ending for season two, which I'm really looking forward too now. Final rating 8/10: this was a really good show. Its offensive and violent but so much fun, and these extremely flawed characters do grow on you, as you hope for the best out come in their personal lives, while hoping they will give up on their misgivings of getting rid of Dr Brown. What do you think? Did you enjoy the show? Let us know in the comments below. Layla doesn't feed me unless I get comments, so please, I'm so hungry. Richee 

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