Thursday, 3 August 2017

Richees Thoughts on Marvel Heroes Omega

Marvel Heroes Omega really got my heckles up when I first saw it on the Playstation store, the "free to play game", but to play the beta you needed to buy character packs with the cheapest being £7.99, the most expensive being £59.99... all for a "free game". So I put this game on my personnel shit list. I watched some game play footage and got myself all worked up, as the gameplay I saw had the player spamming the same button over and over, and I thought yeah, this looks like a fun experience.

So it's finally been released and I got straight down to downloading this quick cash grab of a massive title. First off was the tutorial, a run of the mill tutorial which shows you the basics, obviously. It also gives you the ability to choose your favourite character, mine being Gambit. I played through the first chapter of the story, unlocking different moves, up to level 10. At that point though you need to unlock the character's to level them up higher, so you can unlock more moves and item slots in your inventory.
The game starts you with 225 tokens to buy a character, or Daredevil is free. Gambit costs 500 tokens, so I had to switch to one of the cheaper characters, which included Kitty Pryde, Miss Marvel or even the Hulk. I opted for Nova to go for some one a little different from the norm and started from the beginning again. I got through the first three chapters and got Nova up to level 25. I've tried events and an open world level where we get multiple challenges with other players.

You also start off with two cases which usually cost tokens, which cost money. I didn't get anything good. I got the Hawkeye "Hawkguy" outfit, which is just Clint Barton basically. The game is easy to pick up and play. In fact it's very easy to play, with exception to the first time you fight Venom. I haven't had any close encounters with getting knocked out, as you get your routine and it all falls into place. 
Overall the game is actually a fun experience. I was hoping to go in hating on it, but it's not terrible. In fact, for a free to play game it's pretty solid. Some of the dialogue and voice acting is poor, but I'm pretty sure Keith David is voicing Nick Fury so that's cool. The micro transactions are a bit ludicrous, but you can grind what you need in game, but when I say grind I mean grind. Playing through the two characters I picked up a measly 60 tokens to help unlock my next character, which would be Gambit, so another 440 tokens to go. I honestly don't think I'll be playing the game to achieve that.

I'd recommend giving the game a go if you're a fan of Marvel, it's free so I can't bitch too much. I wouldn't recommend dropping money on it though. I see most of the packs getting reduced at some point, so I'd wait until then, that's what I'm planning anyway. Have you been playing it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments. Richee

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