Saturday, 5 August 2017

Richees Randoms #4 Game Grumps Edition

I talk a lot about other YouTube channels, but I've never talked about one of my favourites, the Game Grumps, until now that is, with the announcement of a new six part series airing on YouTube Red. Good Game, features Dan and Arin playing two gamer slackers called Alex and Ryland, sees Alex wants to benefit on the huge popularity of video gaming by creating an eSports team. The trailer made the show look well written, well acted and funny, giving my first real reason to sign on to YouTube Red.
If you're new to Game Grumps they're mainly a comedy duo that do game play throughs. I'd highly recommend starting with the Mario Maker series. It features some of the most legit rage from both and joke Yoda is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. The random banter between the two while reacting to the infuriating level designs highlights the best of Game Grumps. They're loud, crass and silly but so enjoyable to watch and listen too.
The Game Grumps don't just do game play though, they also have some of the best animators on YouTube animating highlights of their videos. They also have their own band in Starbomb who do gaming related music. This links on to one of Dan's greatest loves in music, as he had a band before Game Grumps called Ninja Sex Party who do comedy songs, which is possibly my favourite genre of music right now.

One of my personnel favourite video series is Guild Grumps. Ross, one of the channels presenters, challenges the Grump team to play World of Warcraft, wanting to achieve clearing a dungeon with a group who have never played WoW before. Throwing them head first into a game with so many options doesn't work as planned. So yeah, if you're new to Game Grumps give them ago. Richee

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