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GAME OF THRONES - Season 7 Episode 7 review


The Dragon and the Wolf

Wow, those seven weeks went fast. Thank god I still have some of the books left to read, as I really am going to struggle to wait the proposed two years before season eight, the final season, airs on television. This last episode left a lot for us to chew on, so without delay, lets have a look at what happened.

With ominous music playing, we see the Unsullied camped outside of King's Landing, anticipating the Queen of Dragons arrival. Bronn and Jaime contemplate the army of eunuchs before them, and Jaime comes out with a quip that sums up this whole story, "maybe it really is all about cocks in the end". Jaime there, coming up with maybe the most potent aside of all time. The Dothraki screamers arrive, and then we cut to seeing the Ironborn fleet keeping an eye on the tiny Targaryan flotilla arrive with everyone except Daenerys. Bronn greets them, and Brienne and Podrick are already there (damn, they move fast). We have some more conversations about cocks, and we see small reunions between Bronn and Tyrion, Tyrion and Podrick, and Brienne and Sandor. Brienne is shocked to see that the Hound is still alive, as she left him for dead, and Sandor is somewhat slightly pleased to learn that Arya can look after herself. 

We arrive at the Dragonpit, and it is quite a sad sight to see. Decrepit and with the bones of tiny dragons littering it, this is where the Targaryan's lost their power, as they diminished their greatest strength to be nothing but pets. Soon after they arrive, Cersei and her entourage enter the stage. Sandor immediately recognises Gregor, and goes up to remind that dead-eyed c**t whose gonna kill him (side note: doesn't the Queen's Guard have some of the best looking armour?). Cersei complains about Daenerys not being there, and then before you know it, she arrives upon the back of Drogon, highlighting just how small that Dragonpit really is. (I wonder how all the commoners in Flea Bottom reacted to seeing mythical creatures?) Stony faced Cersei reminds her that she's late. I feel like Cersei's going to be hard work.

Euron disrupts Tyrion, telling Theon to yield to him or Yara dies. Nobody appreciates this disruption, especially Tyrion, who is told that dwarfs are killed at birth on the Iron Islands. Getting back on track, Tyrion and Jon explain the threat and ask for a truce while they deal with the undead army. Cersei laughs at it, but she is quite visibly disturbed at the sight of a rampaging wight. Euron decides this is too fucked up and decides to go back home (or does he...?). Cersei accepts the truce, but only if Jon bends the knee to her, and because he is his uncle's son, he says he can't do that, as he has already bent the knee to Daenerys. Silly boy... this is Jon's penis making problems for everyone, and they are all pissed he didn't lie. So its up to Tyrion to try and sort things out. Brienne tries to convenience Jaime to fight on their side, telling him to "fuck loyalty".

Next is a great scene between Tyrion and Cersei, as they both let off steam at each other, have some wine, and after learning that Cersei is pregnant, believes that he has managed to make her see the truth and to fight on their side. Of course, Cersei does all this with the added dig that they should be grateful to her. Oh, and we get another reminder that Daenerys can't have children, though Jon reassures her that a witch who killed her husband and baby may not be reliable (cryptic and to her word, but not reliable).

In the "inside episode" segment by HBO, the show runners assure us that there was real "tension" between Arya and Sansa, and that we were really meant to believe that they would potentially kill each other. For me, this was one of the weakest plots of the season because I just didn't believe this . Despite them hating each other when they were younger, they always cared for each other, because that's what Stark's do. I never believed that they would kill each other, and each previous episode of this season just left we wondering at what games they are playing towards Little Finger, not each other.

Despite that, the culmination of this storyline finally came to a head this week. I did enjoy Baelish's game that he plays to himself (I bet Sansa's getting fed up of people's games at this point), which involves him looking for the worst possible reason for peoples actions. When he points out that Arya may want to be Lady of Winterfell, that's when the penny dropped: Arya would never want to be Lady of anything. Using Bran's super-sight and Arya's killing skills, Sansa brings it all together with her own deception skills, luring smug Little Finger into a trap. Informing the Vale of his crimes against them, as well his crimes against the Starks, he is sentenced to a quick stab in the throat. Could he not see that Sansa might want to kill him because he's been a bastard to her? Another example of lust causing problems for everyone.

Back at Dragonstone, Jon and Daenerys decide to travel to White Harbour, and then to Winterfell, together as a show to unity. How the Northern lords will face it I don't know, but seen as Little Finger has spun them a bunch of bullshit, they may be more receptive to the "honourable" Jon. We get a conversation between Jon and Theon, half asking for forgiveness, half asking for advice. Jon states that Ned raised him like his own son, and that he is a "Greyjoy and a Stark". This emboldens Theon to save his sister, but a particular member of his diminished fleet insists on spitting in his face and pillaging another island for themselves. As their fist fight goes on, a visibly weak looking Theon insists on getting back up, and up again, and again, until its obvious that he's not going to stay down. The remaining fleet agree to help him. Oh Theon, your storyline truly has been one of the most affecting of the show, and I cannot wait to see his redemption. "Not for me, for Yara!"

Back at King's Landing we learn that Cersei played us all and that she is a dirty filthy liar(just the thing they were advising Jon to be). While that much is obvious, it really wasn't to Jaime. Cersei intends on sitting quietly and waiting for Euron to come back with the mercenary group the Golden Company (he lied also!). To top this all off, Cersei threatens to have Gregor kill Jaime for trying to leave. He does manage to leave, disgusted that his sister/lover really is the monster he feared she was. Jaime really is a man of honour and oath keeping, but he's been keeping the wrong oaths and honouring the wrong people all this time. He swore to protect the North from the undead, and he seems intent on keeping his word. Yes, another example of love and lust failing people.

One last trip back to Winterfell, and Sam has arrived with all his stolen property. He seeks out Bran, and this is were we have the super-exposition dump. First we learn that Bran has to look for certain visions, they don't all arrive to him at the same time. Telling Sam that Jon needs to know the truth of himself, he speaks about Jon's birth in Dorne and how he's actually a Sand. Sam says no no no, I actually was listening to Gilly that time I yelled at her, and asks if Bran can get proof of this annulment/marriage in a vision. On cue, Bran travels back to the past and yes, Rhaegar and Lyanna did get married because they were in love. Robert's rebellion was built on a lie. Jon's real name is Aegon Targaryan. Jon is the true heir to the Iron Throne. Jon needs to know.

All this is cut in with shots of Jon and Daenery's putting aside all their longing stares at each other and solidifying their relationship. Meanwhile, outside the chamber door, an eavesdropping Tyrion listens on pensively, wondering about the strategic nightmare these two have now put themselves in. How many penis problems happened here? Three: Rhaegar's love for Lyanna causing a war; Robot's love for Lyanna creating a war; and Jon's attraction to Daenerys causing all manner of new problems.

Our last scene sees what we've all been fearing. At Eastwatch, where Tormund and Beric are, the undead army catch up with the rest of the world, peeking out of the forest and getting dangerously close to the wall. Panic on the side of human's ensue, with the warning horn blowing and everyone trying to escape. We then hear that now familiar roar, the stoic-looking Night King rides in on an ice dragon, our poor Viserion, and proceeds to melt that wall down with blue fire. Thousands of wights, including some giants, march silently south. People, shit just got serious.

Winter truly has come now. As Jaime leaves King's Landing, the snow starts falling. Everything is changing. A lot of questions have been answered, but the consequences will have to be left until the next season. Cersei has no one left now that truly cares for her, Daenerys is probably going to have a baby of her own, Jon is going to have his honour tested more so, and the dead look almost certain to destroy everything.

I know I made a joke about Jaime's line "maybe it really is all about cocks in the end", and all the disastrous outcomes due to misplaced lust, but that truly seems like a prophetic line to me. My only question left then is what does it mean? Does love/lust ruin everything? Will it save everything? Or is love nothing without the honour to uphold it?

I will be having a series review later on this week, so keep an eye out that, as this truly has been a season of highs and lows.

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