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GAME OF THRONES - Season 7 Episode 5 review


First off, how could you even doubt that it was Bronn that saved Jaime from almost certain death? He's been promised a castle by the Lannister's, and he's determined to get it. While that has been his mission for a while now, it seems that Bronn has come to his senses and realises that no one is going to win in a war against dragons, so lets put a pin in that high-living dream for the moment.

Daenerys once again lives up to her own contradictory standards. She understands that violence is going to be a necessary evil in this war, although that doesn't quite explain her lust for brutal punishments. I guess immolation is a sure fire way to not have to deal with the haters. Although Tyrion favours using The Wall or a dank cell as punishment, Daenerys gives you only two choices; bend the knee, or die. Randyll Tarly and his stupid son Dickon only believe in native born rulers, no matter how crazy they are, and agree to die for Cersei. Tyrion and Varys later talk on Dragonstone about how to get Daenerys to listen, as she seems to be getting more out of control. For all her talk of "breaking the wheel", of which Cersei has apparently utilised, Daenerys is more than happy to use old wheel techniques to get what she wants. Wouldn't it be ironic if she was to die via a breaking wheel?

Meanwhile, back at Winterfell, Sansa is getting shit from the northerners for Jon not being there, and according to Arya, she's wants the power for herself. Suspicious Arya gets even more suspicious as she follows Little Finger around the castle. What's he up to, eh? Well, it looks like he's tying to play the sisters against one another, as he allows Arya to break into his chambers and find a note he had hidden, which was sent back when Sansa was a hostage of the Lannister's, detailing Ned's death and telling Robb to bend the knee to Joffrey. Although this obviously annoys Arya, she can't be dense enough to think that Sansa truly meant it? I sense that a certain Lord Baelish may not be long for this world.

Bran warg's a bunch of crows north of the wall and witnesses the army of the dead slowly, ever so slowly, descending south. The Night King stares a crow dead in the eye which shocks Bran, leading him to send ravens out across the country warning everyone. One ends up in the Citadel, and all those Archmaester's have a good laugh at the fantastical story of crippled boy and the ice zombies. Sam gets noticeably pissed, as they refuse to believe Bran, let alone Sam himself, suggesting that its a ploy from the Dragon Queen. Sam leaves the room, and we are left with more fuel to flame the maester conspiracy, as they seem to seriously discuss the matter once Sam leaves. And those bastards still haven't told him that his father and brother are dead. Everyone takes the Citadel's words as gospel, and they seem to be abusing that fact.

Gilly's reading is getting on very well. While Sam is visibly bored at the idea of copying down these rotting scrolls, she's having a whale of a time recounting the bowel movements of High Septon Maynard. But, holy shit, what's this? A certain Prince "Raggar" annulled his marriage and married another on the same day in Dorne, all initiated by Maynard? So... Jon is the legitimate son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, and so he's the legitimate heir to the throne? And he fancies his aunt? What a fucking bombshell people, but this info is just privy to the audience. So far in the show only Bran is aware of Jon's true heritage, and all this means nothing to a frustrated Sam, although I'm sure he'll remember this information for an appropriate time. "Tired of reading about the achievements of better men", Sam steals a bunch of books and sneaks of the Citadel with Gilly and Sam Jr. and heads for the north (I presume he still doesn't know about his family).

At Dragonstone, Jon gets his first up close moment which a dragon, and he decides to stick his hand by its mouth. Luckily, Drogon decides to not bite it off and instead enjoys a nice little stroke, much to Dany's surprise.That's probably because he's a Targaryan, right? Jorah got the bullet train from the Citadel and arrives just as Dany does, and of course they're happy to see each other, and Jorah re-pledges his allegiance to her. In the war room Jon receives a note (which Varys earlier dismissed as being uninteresting), detailing that Arya and Bran are home. Unfortunately for the audience, his reaction to the news is a bit lacklustre, and he instead decides to talk about Bran's spying on the White Walkers. Everyone agrees that Cersei is the one they need to persuade, but first they need to get Tyrion to talk to Jaime, who they believe can influence Cersei and let them have an audience with her.

Speaking of Cersei, she's only gone and got herself pregnant by her brother. This is definitely going to give her more impetuous to not be flexible. Davos the Smuggler smuggles Tyrion into King's Landing, so that he can talk to Jaime, but Davos is there on ulterior motives. Heading to Flea Bottom he finds Gendry, the bastard son of the late Robert Baratheon, whose been hiding in plan sight, and whose ready to fight. And, lol everyone, Davos quotes that Gendry meme back at us. That's good writing that is. Who else out there noticed Kevin Eldon too as a Goldcloak, that made me happy. He did however get his head smashed in my Gendry's war-hammer... oh well. We now have our rag-tag group ready to catch a White Walker, which includes Jon, Davos, Jorah and Gendry, who sail away to Eastwatch.

When they get there, Tormund lets them know that they already have a bunch of captives they caught traversing north of the wall, and who should they be except but the Brotherhood Without Banners and the Hound. Yeah, this lot all hate each other, so we can expect some arguing in the next episode, but they all travel together for a common cause. This is the living against the dead, people, it doesn't matter what god you believe in or what monarchy you plead fealty to.

While not reaching the emotional heights of last weeks episode, we were treated to a lot of new information, especially that of Cersei's pregnancy, which she seems to view more as leverage over Jaime then any kind of happy moment. You can guarantee that this pregnancy will end in tragedy. Everything is moving so fast, as I seem to be saying a lot, but I still worry that we don't have enough time to properly tell everyone's story. Little Finger especially, the Machiavellian monster who has been orchestrating everything from the start, I fear will die before we get a chance to truly understand his reasoning. Gendry's reason for returning seems flimsy as well. I understand that he is a fan favourite, especially when shipped with Arya, but it felt like Davos just picked him up for "reasons". Everyone seems to fancy Dany too, and I'm not sure how I'll feel if the show resorts to Jon, Jorah and Tyrion having a little hissy fit over her. When people complain that the show now watches like a fan fiction, its episodes like this that perpetrate it.

While the pacing of this series is an issue, I'm hoping next weeks episode, which will focus on the gangs expedition to catch a White, will slow down a bit and let us indulge a bit more. As per the shows usual method, the penultimate episode is usually the most action packed, and seen as we've had Euron destroying a fleet of ships and Daenerys setting fire to everything, next weeks episode is going to have to deliver something quite special.

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