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GAME OF THRONES - Season 7 Episode 3 review


The Queen's Justice

While not containing any fantastical battles and mind blowing revelations, episode 3 provided a satisfactory return to form, mainly through its loaded dialogue that allows us to read between the lines and raise extra questions. The previous two episodes blasted full steam ahead, almost too fast, so it was nice to allow extended scenes in just one area.

The main focus of the episode is the long awaited meeting between Jon and Dany. No flirting between these two, just the glaring differences between how they view themselves; Dany's bombastically long titles and insistence that Jon bends the knee, even just to keep tradition, stands in stark contrast with Jon's more humble opinion of himself. Hell, he even gets annoyed when Davos brings up that he was stabbed in the heart. While out-brooding Tyrion, the Imp has to remind the Bastard that what he asks of Dany is unreasonable, at least to someone who hasn't seen the White Walkers. Tyrion then manages to persuade Dany that Jon is being truthful, and she allows Jon to mine for the dragonglass.

Back at King's Landing, the crowd is unusually cheerful at the sight of a bragging Euron and his captives. It seems they're all for a Queen that likes to blow people up. Euron strolls right up to the throne and displays his "priceless gift" of Ellaria and Tyene (Cersei doesn't really care about Yara). Ecstatic at this gift, Cersei agrees to marry Euron, but only when the war is won. Euron provides this moment to be quite crude to Jaime. We get a bit of a morally conflicting moment from Cersei as she decides to take revenge on Ellaria for murdering Myrcella by killing Tyene in the same way. I fear this will probably be the last moment we feel any sympathy for Cersei.

Cersei is definitely enjoying her role as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and especially the parts where she gets to murder. Coming back horny after killing Tyene, she goes and enjoys a bit of coitus with Jaime. When a raven-haired mini-Cersei maid knocks on the bedroom door, Cersei goes against Jaime's wishes by allowing the maid to see him in the Queens bed. She's gonna tell everyone! Then the Iron Bank arrive wanting their money back. Cersei persuades them to put their faith in lions over dragons and promises them the debt will be paid within two weeks. But where are they going to get that money from?

Back at Winterfell, Sansa is proving to be a good leader, requesting extra grain stores and the armour be covered in leather. Clearly bored by Littlefinger now (and he's even getting a little boring for the audience) he decides to give her just a few words of advice; "fight every battle in your mind". Stay two steps ahead, and trust no-one. Then Bran finally turns up (yay!) and he has entered the next level of consciousness and has the expressionless face to prove it. Sansa is all ready to pass Winterfell over to him, but he can't 'cos he's the Three Eyed Raven. He spooks Sansa by letting her know how Ramsay abused her, but this suggest that he knows all about Arya as well, and he mentions about needing to speak to Jon.

Maybe what is most disappointing for me so far this season is how everything is happening so fast in the Citadel. I really wanted some luxurious moments picking apart the lifestyle and secrets of the Maesters, but I guess I'll have to wait for the books for that. As if by magic, Jorah is cured of his greyscale overnight, and while Archmaester Ebrose is impressed by Sam's ability to "read the book and follow instructions", he still punishes his disobedience by copying down old rotten scrolls. I wonder what Sam will find in there, huh?

The scene I particularly enjoyed was Tyrion's smug voice over of how they'll take (the slightly dower looking) Casterly Rock through the sewer system, while in fact its a botched mission, as there are far fewer Lannister soldiers then expected, and the Iron Fleet burn Dany's fleet, leaving the Unsullied stranded. Unbeknownst to them, Jaime has abandoned Casterly Rock and left it useless while he took the rest of the army to Highgarden, to take their money and kill Olenna. This scene was possibly my favourite of the episode, portraying Olenna's savage wit and Jaime's destitution at the hands of Cersei. Jaime, being a somewhat nice guy after all, talked Cersei out of straight up torturing Olenna and instead decided to let her commit suicide. Olenna seeks to remind Jaime that Cersei is a monster, and there's that terrible resigned expression on his face. After showing his compassion, and she swallows the poison, she divulges that she was the one behind Joffrey's murder, and to make sure Cersei knows this. The bitch!

Other moments include Theon thoroughly loosing the trust of the Ironborn after he lies about trying to save Yara, and Melisandre and Varys have a cryptic chat as Jon arrives to Dragonstone. She says the name of the book! "I've brought ice and fire together". While she says that she's going to Volantis, she says that she will be back, but that her and Varys are destined to die in Westeros. That freaked Varys out just a little.

While there was just a token amount of dragon's this episode, you can guarantee that next weeks episode, The Spoils of War, will be full on dragon fire. Reportedly being the most expensive episode of series, expect fields of flames and more secrets unfolding. There's plenty of references to being the last Targaryan in this episode, and the fact that Jon is "not a Stark"... we'll they're both in for a surprise.

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