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GAME OF THRONES -Season 7 Epiosde 6 review


Beyond the Wall

We're at the penultimate episode people, and things are coming to a head. The longest episode of the series history (well, apart from next weeks episode) takes place mainly beyond the Wall, but let's concentrate first on what happened at Winterfell. In what is becoming increasingly bizarre behaviour from Arya, she blatantly accuses Sansa of treachery against the Stark family with her letter pleading Robb to bend the knee to Joffrey. I'm really puzzled by Arya's performance at the moment, as she seems to be acting in the same weird unrealistic way that Bran is acting in. I can understand she's changed and learnt a lot, but she seems simultaneous naive and stone hearted. How could she not realise that Sansa was under duress at the time she wrote that note? She remembers well enough Sansa's pretty dress and fancy hair, but does she not remember her screaming and begging them to stop Ned's decapitation?

It seems like Little Fingers scheming is coming along much nicer than planned. Those sisters well and truly distrust each other. Baelish reminds Sansa that as long as Brienne is at Winterfell, she will protect her from Arya. Then, somewhat suspiciously, a request for Sansa to go to King's Landing arrives at their door. Sansa tells Brienne to go in her place, leaving her nice and vulnerable to Baelish and Arya. While sneaking around badly in Arya's chambers, Sansa comes across a satchel of clearly latex faces (could they not of tried to make them look and sound a little less rubbery?). Arya taunts Sansa with her "game of faces", then pretty much threatens to skin Sansa (although its quite clear she's playing the game herself). What has happened to these sisters? Of all the conflicts at the moment, this one seems the most forced and trite.

Waiting tentatively at Dragonstone, Tryrion and Daenerys have a little conversation about Tyrion not being a hero and Jon fancying her. Alas, Jon is too little for her, end of storyline. When Tyrion brings up the line of succession, and how they may have to change the traditional heir being a child of the queen/king, Dany gets quite annoyed. I, for one, would love to see one of Dany's children become King. Perhaps Rhaegal? When they get word that the mission to retrieve a wight has gone awry, Tyrion begs her to do nothing, pointing out (truthfully) that it would of all been for nothing if she dies. Deciding that she is a dragon after all, she ignores Tryrion and goes off to save the men. I kind of feel bad for Tyrion, his character is becoming more and more redundant. I would hate for him to just be cast aside because nobody is prepared to listen to him any more.

So, now we get to the suicide mission beyond the wall. As they walk into the tundra, we learn how they all hate/respect each other. Gendry has never seen snow before, plus he whinges about being tied up naked by a Red Priestess. Jon tries to offer Jorah Longclaw back, but he says he doesn't deserve it. Tormund declares his love for Brienne of Tarth and learns a new word for "cock". Jorah is impressed by Thoros' drunken fighting... lots of little tit-bits to make us feel like these characters have a rapport. Its not long before they're up against the first big bit of the CGI budget in the form of an undead bear. I'll admit, it looked awesome. It takes a chunk out of Thoros, leaving him gravely wounded. They then stumble across a small group of wights being led by a White Walker. They attack them, and Jon's trusty Valerian steel blade slices the Walker in half, and all the wights along with them. Well, except for one wight, conveniently, who they manage to tie up.

The piercing scream from the captured wight sets off the rest of them, and before you know it a huge swarm of the bastards engulf our heroes. They manage to set upon an rock in the middle of an iced up lake, and as they fight them the ice cracks, leading for an icy moat to form, protecting them for now at least. They rest up over night, but Thoros has died, meaning that Beric and his flaming sword are on their last life. In quite a silly bit of plot development, we see Sandor Clegane grow bored and start throwing rocks at the wights. One hits across the face of a skeletal walking dead, while the other skims across the now re-frozen lake. What an idiot. Chaos ensues as he see the gang take on the wights all again. Tormund is almost killed by them. Now, that's the kind of thing that's going to upset me, but he lived. Beric points out the White Walkers and their undead horses looking like the most metal band in the world, and says to Jon that killing the Night King will kill them all. No pressure.

Dany swoops in and burns the shit out of all of those undead. Can I not feel bad about it this time? She quickly starts loading up the squad on the back of Drogon, and she's keeping an eye out for Jon, especially as she knows he fancies her. However, Jon insists on fighting off all the attacking wights. Then we see a terrible thing happen. The Night King and his killer right arm launch an ice javelin straight for Viserion, killing him, and we all have to watch as he slumps on the lake and slinks limp and dead under the ice. Those bastards! Still, much more affective than the Cercei's Scorpion. Maybe she'll try teaming up with the Night King.

Jon is attacked an falls under the water himself. Unable to see him, and fearing for her remaining dragons, a traumatised Daenerys flies back to Eastwatch. Jon, of course is still alive, although the rest of the wights, including the King, presume he is dead. He tries to sneak off, they they hear him creeping and quickly go to attack him. Then who shows up out of nowhere? God-damn Deus-Ex-Machina-Uncle Benjen, that's who. He gives Jon his horse and tells him to go, leaving himself to die at the hands of the wights. How sad for Jon, this man he swore to find all those moons ago, the man everyone thought was dead. Benjen needs at least another mention, a memoriam at least, before the show ends.

Dany stands anxious at the top of the wall, hoping Jon will appear. She walks away, but then Jon turns up, and Dany seems happier. They take Jon to their ship, and this is where Dany finally sees Jon's multiple stab marks (and abs). Yes, perhaps he did take a knife in the heart. After coming to, Jon apoligies for the stupid plan that got Viserion killed, but Dany is thankful for seeing the Night King, and swears to fight the dead together. And yeah, maybe we shouldn't call her "Dany" any more, as she doesn't seem to like being reminded of her brother. "How about my Queen?" Jon says. He'd bend the knee if he could. Daenerys is worried that the Northern lords won't accept her, but Jon says they will. Awe. Maybe he means queen in another way, and means to marry her and create an alliance that way. Come on, this romance plot between them is a little naff.

Where those wights got all of those chains I don't know, but they drag Viserion out of the lake with them any how. People have been talking about ice dragons for years, and now we finally get one. What the Night King proposes to do with him I don't know. I did hear a theory that says Bran will try and warg one, and then the Night King will break into Bran's mind that way. I'm sure all this mystery will have to wait for the next season though, as it looks like the next episode sees the squad take the surviving wight to King's Landing.

This episode did not feel as trepidatious as I thought it would be. The Spoils of War was much more shocking and brutal, and so far has been the highlight of the series. Do I sound a bit spoilt to say that I'm upset it was that easy? I'm sure that catching a wight would of been harder. And why the hell didn't they bring any of that dragonglass with them? Still, one more episode left, and some plots are going to have to be rapidly concluded.

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