Monday, 21 August 2017

DVD Roundup: office gore edition

There's something tantalising about the idea of The Belko Experiment, even if it does just sound like Battle Royale in an office block. Something about that kind of working environment that could lead to this situation playing out, in your imagination at least. Both praised and lambasted for its gore, this looks like a horror that, similar to The Purge, extols an interesting idea but lacks the intelligence to make it truly memorable. Still, we do plan on watching it.

Remember that trailer for the Russian Avengers-style movie that everyone went wild for? Well, Guardians is out now to buy, and I've gotta let you know that a lot of people hated it. Looking cheap, derivative, plot holes, this film was criticised a lot, especially within Russia. I imagine this movie will serve as an entertaining bad movie, a curious mess.

Revolving around the love affair between two people as they make a propaganda film in WWII, Their Finest has been praised for being joyous, but not overbearingly so (considering the subject matter). Starring the always brilliant Gemma Arteton, expect some amiable characters and great characters in this period drama.

I was initially quick to dismiss Lady Macbeth, although the title is intriguing, as it tells the story of a young woman having an affair outside of her loveless marriage in Victorian Britain. Then you here that the protagonist is actually much nastier than she looks, and maybe that namesake is totally deliberate, and now maybe I want to watch this movie. One to keep an eye out for.

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