Saturday, 19 August 2017

Defenders - Richee Review

The latest Marvel Netflix series was released yesterday, and I've just power watched it over the last two days so I could get this review out nice and early. The show brings together the protagonist of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and, my favourite, Jessica Jones, to fight the dastardly Hand, a group of ninjas who both Daredevil and Iron Fist have fought in their shows. This time their leader is revealed as Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver), with the Black Sky now at her side she is making a final push for something buried deep underground, forcing the heroes together. 

The first episode shows us the four leads and whats been going on in their lives since their solo adventures. In the second episode Matt Murdock meets Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist and Luke Cage come to blows as they stumble across each other. Episode 3 we find out a bit more about Alexandra and Black Sky/Elektra, plus we finally get to see Stick again, who has been caught by The Hand. He soon escapes though, giving them a *hand* in the process. Claire introduces Danny and Luke for some bants, then all four characters come together in a fight against Alexandra's henchmen and the Black Sky.
Episode four has the team hiding out trying to come together and plan their next attack. We find out about how The Hand was formed, with five members of Kun'Lun dropping out for their own greedy ways and the power of immortality. Black Sky and The Hand locate the team in the Chinese restaurant they're hiding in and come to blows. Episode five opens up with the battle continuing as Matt tries to connect with Black Sky/Elektra. The team flees while Luke manages to catch one of the leaders of The Hand in Sowande to interrogate. He gives up nothing until he thinks he has the upper hand and soon loses his head, thanks to Stick. Matt finally dons the Daredevil outfit again.

In episode 6, after finding out Danny might be a key for what ever The Hand want, the team decide to keep him out of reach. Danny doesn't like this though so has a cry then throws down against his allies getting himself knocked out. Black Sky goes to Matt's apartment to try and remember something. Alexandra tells her that Matt let her die in the first place to keep her in check. Stick decides to take matters into his own hands, using an incense to knock Luke Cage out but before he can execute Danny. Black Sky shows up to stick it to Stick and knock out the rest of the Defenders, taking Bitch Fist in the process. The episode also ends on what I thought was a shocker, so no spoilers here but it got me excited for the last two episodes.
Episode seven has the team being questioned by the cops, who aren't too happy about what they found at their hide out. They decide to break out, as ain't no one got time for cop nonsense. They head back to the hide out of The Hand and battle their leaders Bakuto, Murakami, and we finally get to see Madame Gao in action. Colleen Wing shifts the fight to the Defenders side while Bitch Fist fights Elektra and is easily led into opening the door that The Hand wanted open (idiot). The final episode has the team all joining forces again to fight The Hand while Colleen and Claire plant C4 to bury what ever is down in the hole. Bakudo comes to blows with former student Colleen. Misty lends more then a hand to save Claire and see Bakudo defeated.  A tough decision is made by one of the Defenders and The Hand are defeated. 

So that's the basic story in what felt like a bit of a lackluster team up. They did well portraying The Hand as a true threat, especially with Black Sky/Elektra leading the attack going toe to toe with all the Defenders. I enjoyed all the characters, and Stick especially, he is such a badass. The only member I didn't enjoy was Danny Rand/Iron Fist, again he came off as a bit of a whiny bitch. He looked more competent in fighting but episode six just really nailed how much of a whiner he is. The fight scenes are again in the dark, minus the awesome coming together in the fourth episode. I want to see the fight scenes, please. 
There was a really random rap song in the final fight which felt really out of place. Other then those few points this was a competent show, not as good as Jessica Jones or the first season of Daredevil, or the first half of season 2 of Daredevil, but Elektra was far more competent then I expected. Was really worried about The Hand as a whole because they're such a throw away enemy, but Elektra was great. The team up of Luke Cage and Iron Fist really didn't feel great. I was hoping the two would have far better chemistry then they did, and I'm not behind Finn Jones as Iron Fist. Mike Coulter is great as Luke Cage though. Rosario Dawson is here again feeling more out of place then ever, not as a love interest for Luke but as an ally for the team, I don't see it.

So yeah, final rating a 7/10: it's a good show but does nothing brilliantly. Sigourney Weaver is good as the ominus lead, and even the other members of The Hand mention how she should get her hands dirty and how there is descent in the ranks. Jessica Jones is great in all her sassy glory, but it lacked that epic moment, with only one real shocking moment and only two episodes leaving me wanting more excitement. Hopefully in the future they'll have better lit fight scenes and less Bitch Fist. But what did you think? Let us know in the comments. Richee


  1. I think 7/10 is generous tbh. The fights are completely inconsistent, the characters are lacking in charisma. I thought it made sense that the hand were after Danny because it would give his character a chance to shine after a lacklustre solo series but it quickly degenerates into Daredevil season 2.5. I just wish they could decide on how strong/competent characters are and stick with it but instead it fluctuates from fight to fight for no reason. 3/10

  2. I enjoyed the story arc with Danny, he needed something as you said after that lacklustre series, he is such a weak character. I see what you mean about the Daredevil, Electra side story, but I didn't mind it, I'm hoping it might bring about the Shadowland story arc. As for the fights I think with such a powerful character like Luke Cage there's only so much they can do, I know what you mean though. I didn't mind it though, plus Stick was awesome. Thanks for letting me know what you thought.