Friday, 25 August 2017

7 Days in Hell - Richee Review

Well I didn't know what to expect from this one of HBO episode. The show is a mockumentary about the longest game of tennis in history. Staring Andy Samberg as Aaron Williams, adopted brother of Venus and Serena Williams, up against Kit Harington playing Charles Poole, a simple British lad forced into the sport by his over bearing mother, who reminded me of the Harry Enfield character Tim Nice But Dim. 

We see the two on the seventh day as both are struggling to carry on. Narrator Jon Hamm takes us back to how this match even came around. It shows Aaron Williams coming up the ranks and being the bad boy of tennis, until he goes too far and pushes down the Duke of Kent after he blew his chance of winning the 1996 Wimbledon finals, and his chance of becoming world number 1. He also quit Tennis on that day. He would later re emerge in Sweden making underwear for athletes. Unfortunately his design had a flaw and is thrown into Swedish prison. 

During this time the young Charles Poole is an up and comer in the tennis world, turning pro at fifteen, becoming the future of British tennis. During one interview he is asked if he was better then Aaron Williams, which he replies yes too. This interrupts the Swedish orgy happening in prison and leads Aaron Williams to break out of prison to defeat this young up start.
We then go through each day as the two do battle over seven days, with slightly dubious methods from Aaron Williams to stay in the game. Whether it be snorting coke for extra energy, to having sex with streakers on the court, even releasing a sex tape with Charles ex-girlfriend to get in his head. Charles has the expectation of the nation on his back, plus the Queen herself expects him to destroy this washed up Yank. When he can't get the job done the Queen lets him know he is letting the nation down and even his own mother tells him she doesn't like him anymore.

When I first saw the trailer for the show I was expecting more then just the one episode. Even then though, the episode is interesting. Andy Samberg is in his element as Aaron Williams and it was interesting to see Kit Harington testing out his comedy chops, playing a slow witted athlete who learnt the word "indubitably" and not much else, other then how to play tennis. 

The one-off episode was a lot more adult then I expected it to be, with lots of genitals on show, including a very bizarre re-enactment of the prison orgy and Aaron's escape from prison. It's just over forty minutes long and is silly offensive fun. I'll give it a 6/10: it's an above average comedy show. You get what you expect from Andy Samberg. I can't help but feel it might have worked better over a handful of episodes, but that might have just felt padded out. This one episode does feel a bit bloated with everything that happens though. Richee


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