Friday, 14 July 2017

Warcraft: The Beginning - Richee's Review

Well Warcraft came out last year, based on the massively popular game World of Warcraft, the massive multiplayer online role playing game. Having played the game for years when it first come out, I dismissed the film when it came out, as the poor reviews and a messy looking trailer led me thinking they would have done the franchise a disservice. Well, when I was looking for a third film for my 3 for £20 blue-ray offer, I decided to check Warcraft out. 

So the story follows the Orcs coming over to Azeroth looking for a new place to live after destroying their home planet, looking to conquer Azeroth with their Orc war bound. The humans put up a defence against the Orc menace, with their mage Guardian Medivh (Ben Foster) and mighty warrior Lothar (Travis Fimmel). They must find a way to stop the Orcs before they can reopen their portal to bring forth the rest of the Orc populace. 
First thing I noticed while watching this film is the quality of actors. Ben Foster is a great actor, but I feel he didn't really have much of a presence in this film, even if he was one of the main characters. Travis Fimmel from Vikings is good for his part, but also has the most pointless parts of the film, with his son and romance with half Orc Garona (Paula Patton) who is again good for her part but the character felt forced and I wasn't really interested in her story. Durotanis, one of Orc clan leaders, is played by the excellent Toby Kebbell, but I didn't even notice him in the role. Toby is a much better villain, but is still good for his part, and Daniel Wu was great as the villainous Gul'dan, the Orc warlock using dark magic to rule the Orc clans.

Honestly, I didn't mind this film. It felt long at just under two hours, and the story is a good one, but has too many unimportant characters, taking up time that could be best used elsewhere, or being cut all together. The actors were good but they could have got so much more out of them. The action scene's were enjoyable, especially the first ambush by the Orcs on a Human scouting party. The biggest disappointment for me was the lack of other races - the Orcs and Night Elf's play only a small role, and we don't even get any of the Horde allies Trolls, undead, or the awesome Tauren. 

Watchable but forgettable, it wasn't terrible but there was nothing to really worth recommending. I would be interested in a sequel if it ever came out, as I imagine Universal were hoping for another massive franchise. Final verdict: 5/10. Hopefully next time we'll get a solid story without so many pointless diversions. Plus, getting to see more of the Horde would be a nice touch. FOR THE HORDE! Papamongo Lv 70 Troll Hunter/Richee

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