Thursday, 6 July 2017

Richee's Zombie Palooza - Nightmare City

Well those Italians sure know how to make a bizarre zombie flick. Umberto Lenzi's 1980 flick follows reporter Dean (Hugo Stiglitz), who's caught up in a zombie attack after a plane carrying lots of infected people lands and they go on a killing spree. Dean keeps stumbling across incident after incident during his travels. While Dean is trying to escape the nightmare, the army are trying to come up with ways to stop the infected people, who seem oddly coordinated in their attacks. 

The first thing I noticed during the airport attack is that these zombies use guns and knifes to kill people, then drink there blood out of the wounds they've inflicted. Also, the make up effects for the zombies are pretty hilarious; at first sight some of the zombies don't look infected, then others look like they've been caked in mud. The story is interesting and reminded me somewhat of Planet Terror at points. Most of the characters introduced seem so just to just get bumped off in the next scene, though. 
Hugo Stiglitz' character Dean is a weird one, he's the hero but they make him (hopefully unintentionally) unlikeable. He seems to just luck out constantly during escapes and doesn't really help out anyone apart from himself and his wife, who he also puts in constant danger with his contradictory stupidity. To be fair, most the people deserve to die, as they just run at the zombies, most of the ladies with their boobs out.

Final thoughts on this cheesy zombie flick is check it out. It's got good ideas in there and it's just a fun old zombie film, plus the ending needs to be seen to be believed. Also the legendary Tom Savini is doing a remake which I'm really excited for, as I feel this film could be turned into an entertaining movie with the ideas it had, if done right. Their Indiegogo campaign was successful in 2015, so hopefully we'll see more about it soon. Let me know what you thought of the film if you've seen it, and I'm all ways looking for random zombie recommendations, so if you know any feel free to share. Richee

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