Thursday, 20 July 2017

Richee's Randoms #2

Welcome back to the randomness that is this post. First up is my huge announcement. After a year of playing Pokemon Go, I've finally had enough. None of my what was wrong with the game originally has been fixed. The new Pokemon gym update benefit those who spoof rather then those who play the game the way it was supposed to be played. The new Pokemon raids are extremely overpowered, and if all your friends have given up, like mine, it's a pointless system. It's still just a mediocre game, a game where I can't catch a god damn Lapras. I might go back to it, but I don't think Niantic has what it takes to make it good, they just want to make money and that's enough for them.

On to my trailer of the week, we have The Disaster Artist, based on the making of the best worst film ever made in Tommy Wiseau's The Room. Starring James Franco, Seth Rogen and an all star cast, this looks like a highly amusing story of a film which we've wanted to watch for a while now.

My third piece of randomness is one of the most must see YouTube channels there right now in my opinion in Cracked. They've always been a competent channel, but they have recently really been churning out excellent shows. Thanks in part to the politically brilliant Some News, and the brutally honest Honest Ads. If you haven't seen any of their shows I highly recommend them as a channel everyone should check out for quality content.

And finally onto a some what sadder note. The world lost one of it greatest horror icons in George A. Romero, the creator of the modern age zombies. With out him we wouldn't have so many of the things we love today, from films to games and even music. Romero inspired so many to create so much, and I know if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have the love I have for cinema and the zombie genre as a whole, as it wouldn't be what it is with out his masterful, Night of the Living Dead. My condolences go out to his family and friends. He will live on in our hearts, his films, and all that he inspired. Thank you George, you'll be missed by all who knew you and experienced your greatness. Richee

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