Friday, 7 July 2017

Richee's Randoms #1

Welcome to a new blog series where I delve into lot's of little bits of movie news and general randomness from me, Richee.

First up I finally got round to watching Dad's Army from 2016, and honestly, it was a massive let down. I'm a fan of the original TV series and I'm nostalgic for it as I used to watch them all with my father, so I brought this on blue-ray, hoping it would live up to the greatness of the original. It had a strong cast, but they just didn't deliver. Apart from Michael Gambon as Godfrey, the rest of the cast were poor imitations of the originals, and the story was just naff, involving Mainwaring, Wilson and Pike all chasing after Catherine Zeta-Jones' Rose Winters, who happens to be an under cover spy. And the whole thing just sucked and didn't feel right.

My second part of randomness is my own stupidity, as I saw the trailer for Borg vs McEnroe on YouTube and assumed it was a comedy spoof of Tennis player McEnroe vs a Cyborg. After watching the trailer I realised no, Bjorn Borg is not a cyborg and that I'm an idiot. Oh well, the trailer didn't look bad (well for a film about tennis that is).

Third, on a depressing note. Teaser's have been released for X-Men Dark Phoenix and yeah it's gonna be shit, isn't it. I'm not wasting any more of my money. Simon Kinberg has taken over the directorial role with his vast background in having done nothing as a director. Sophie Turner should be the star, but I wouldn't be shocked if Mystique doesn't get forced to the forefront and the Phoenix Saga is pushed to the side. God, I hate what this franchise has become.

And ending on a high note, we've finally got the trailer to one of the shock hits of 2014: an indie sensation, that's right, Another WolfCop, and it looks glorious. More of everything that made the original so good, so keep your peepers open for more news about that.

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