Friday, 28 July 2017

Richee Randoms #3

Welcome to yet another addition of Richee Randoms, starting with what I consider as excellent news. Fox is apparently rethinking the Alien franchise. Following on from the dreadful Alien: Covenant, which failed to bring in the money they wanted, or even reviews for that matter. This is bitter sweet though, as the Alien film I want, from Neill Blomkamp, is not going to happen and that's from the man himself, which makes me sad. So it's a question of crap Ridley Scott Alien films, or no Alien films at all. I think I'm with the latter: no Alien is better then crap Alien.
My trailer of the week is for Stranger Things season 2, which looks simply amazing. Blending together the horror and drama which made the original so good, plus add on all the nostalgic goodness from the 80s which, it has got me super hyped.
The remake of It is getting me worried. Following this second trailer, I'm worried the film has thrown out the creepy slow burn pace of the original and made it a film full of jump scares. I mean, where is the wise cracking remarks from Pennywise? I don't know... hopefully they're just using the trailers to get the jump scare fans in but hopefully they'll keep Pennywise the way he was from the original with Tim Curry. I did want to put the trailer in but I can't find it through out all the fake trailer reactions     (I hate those videos).
Final bit of news for today is the announcement of Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons (duh) making a new series for Netflix. It's apparently going to be an adult fantasy series called Disenchantment. Let's hope it is more like the original Simpsons then the pitiful mess it has become today, but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. Richee

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