Sunday, 23 July 2017

Pokemon Go and the failed Fest

Well it's been three days since I announced my decision to quit Pokemon Go after growing more and more frustrated at the lack of improvement in the app. It seems like my timing was just right, as the next day they released a new trailer showing how little they know what they're doing... Woop-dee doo. They've got the legendary birds in the game now. All you have to do is get ten of your mates to help you beat it then try helplessly to catch the bloody thing. As I couldn't even finish my Kanto dex, with Lapras fleeing from me after the first ball, and not even able to defeat a Lapras raid by myself, I couldn't give two shits about the new legendaries.

Rather then bringing in the components that any Pokemon game needs, i.e. trading and battling, they've chosen to go the lazy route and just introduce the legendaries. How lazy a company can you be, and how are we as the players suppose to trust you when you've failed to deliver those two things? Then factor in the ridiculous idea behind Pokemon Go Fest, and having to rely on a dwindling fan base to catch so many Pokemon, so the people in attendance can have a chance to catch a legendary. How stupid is that? The whole thing was such a fail that most of the people there couldn't even get into the game, leading them to boo the Niantic CEO John Hanke (to my immense joy).

Apparently they are going to refund the $20 ticket prices, give out $100 worth of pokecoins, and give those who attended a Lugia for their troubles. If this doesn't highlight a company grasping at straws. trying to hang onto the last of their depleted fan base, then I don't know what is. I'm hoping they get their shit together and make Pokemon Go a semi decent app, but I really don't think they will. It's been a year since the games release and what have we got? Johto Pokemon, a revised gym system (which still has flaws), and a raid system which in my area doesn't work, because no one else is playing the game. Even if there was more people playing,  I've heard nothing but complaints to how hard it actually is to catch these raid Pokemon, with Tyranitar apparently next to impossible to catch.

Oh, I forgot to mention the new items that come in with the raid, golden raspberries, which don't seem any different from normal raspberries. Rare candies that give you a single candy rather then help you level up (like they should), but then again that would involve using the tried and tested methods of the actual Game Freak games, and why would you want to copy a tried and tested routine when you can put your own shitty twist on it. I feel nothing but bitter disappointment at Niantic and Pokemon Go and I've lost all faith in Niantic as a whole. But what do you guys think? Are you stoked at getting a chance to finally catch legendary Pokemon, or our you as fed up as me with the lack of progress? Let me know in the comments below. Richee

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