Wednesday, 19 July 2017

GAME OF THRONES - Season 7 Episode 1 review



It would be a massive understatement to say that the long awaited seventh season of Game of Thrones has a lot of expectations on its shoulders. Unlike shows like The Walking Dead, whose plots seem to be suffering due to its unending philosophy, there is only thirteen more episodes to this hugely expansive series. The stakes are high, and we will finally get an ending to this story that has consumed many people, which only makes it all the more exciting. The programme is now ahead of the books, so whatever we see now will be a surprise to everyone.

Episode one works much like a prologue to everyone's respective stories, letting us catch up on where they are, what their viewpoints are, and and who they're fighting with/against. In that sense, were not treated to the usual scheming and battles, and so it feels more like a catch-up over coffee. Part of me was screaming inside saying "there's only seven episodes and it felt like nothing happened!", but I appreciate how unreasonable that is. These are just the important things we need to know before things get going for real.

We open with a scene of Walter Frey congratulating his extended family on their murder of the Stark's. Initially, you think this is a flash back, but then Arya soon whips off Walter's wrinkled face and you realise she's mass-murdered virtually the entire Frey clan. Arya is embracing her Faceless Man abilities, and you later learn that she's planning on travelling to Kings Landing to kill Queen Cersei. Why not go to Winterfell? Maybe her lust for revenge will get the better for her. And yes, that scene with the young Lannister soldiers that includes a certain Ed Sheeran singing... whatever, I was more distracted by the sight of the brilliant Thomas Turgoose from Made in England as a fellow soldier. Those soldiers represent the weakened state of the Lannister army, as they are all quite young, reminding me somewhat of Germany's use of the Hitler Youth during the end of WWII.

Speaking of Lannister's, we learn more of their shitty situation after Cersei destroyed most of her enemies in season six. While Jaime is more realistic of their limited situation, Cersei is embracing her new position, showing how truly solipistic she has become. She doesn't even want to discuss her son's suicide, much to Jaime's dismay. The arrival of Euron Greyjoy and his magnificent cephalopod ships provides a powerful, if untrustworthy, potential allies, but he needs to deliver his "priceless gift" first. Tyrion, anyone?

Can I just point out how good Cersei and Daenerys costumes are, especially Dany's scale rimmed cape... lovely. The exposition continues as Dany makes it to her ancestral home of Dragonstone, and goes straight into battle planning. Meanwhile, Samwell is stealing books out of the forbidden section of The Citadel and quickly discovers that there's a massive deposit of dragonglass in Dragonstone, of which he lets the new King in the North Jon Snow know about, so expect a Jon/Daenerys meetup soon. Sansa tries to undermine Jon, though not on purpose, when she suggests that he should give away the ancestral homes of the Karstark's and Umber's because they fought alongside the Bolton's. Jon notes that Sansa seems to admire Cersei somewhat. Really, can you blame her? Her whole outlook on life changed when she was a hostage in Kings Landing, and her main caregiver was Cersei. The most underplayed character in the show returns as well as Bran makes it back to The Wall, and I hope he can only display his true power to everyone now that he is heading southwards.

The biggest bastard? Littlefinger, of course. He's already trying to stir shit up with Sansa, and I can only guess he's going to pull out a secret to piss-off Jon. As Lord Baelish has said before "chaos is a ladder", and it looks like he's defiately going to try and play Jon and Sansa aginst each other, possibly to claim the north for himself.

While Dragonstone is a more subdued episode, it fulfils it purpose in updating everyone on the characters standings. I'm excited for next weeks episode, where hopefully the series will step up a gear and some questions will get answered. Is Sandor Clegane now a follower of the Lord of Light? Will Jorah make it out of the Citadel? Will Samwell ever get used to the smell of shit?


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