Monday, 31 July 2017

DVD Roundup: "best Alien movie this year" edition

Whoa! Two Alien movies in one year? You have to admit, the trailer for Life did try and imitate the tension of the 1979 classic. While being nowhere near as good, and having somewhat of an over powered bad guy, Life still has its merits, primarily in its cast, including Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, plus it it had an ending that I couldn't help but chuckle in enjoyment of. Check out our full podcast review in the player below.

The Boss Baby... when I first saw the trailer for this movie, I think my heart died a little. That insanely bright and bland looking animation, the pandering premise, Alec Baldwin doing the voice of the baby... It's clearly meant for kids, and I'm just being mean spirited. Still, its produced by DreamWorks, who are capable of making great pictures like the How to Train Your Dragon series, so maybe there is some hope to it. Sometimes when plots are this silly, I can only hope that the movie takes itself deadly serious.

The 90s nostalgia keeps on coming at us full on in the face, and this week its Power Rangers. I honestly didn't think that there was much of a market to update this campy series, let alone reinterpret it at being totally serious, and it seems like I was right, as the film is officially a box office bomb. However, toy sales went through the roof, so expect a six movie franchise.

There was only one reason we wanted to watch CHiPs and that the fact that Michael Peña was in it. Otherwise, this looked like a vacuous mess. Based on the late 70s TV series that not many people remember, this film has been lambasted for its barely-there plot and lewd humour, and there's enough comedies out there like that anyway.

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