Monday, 17 July 2017

DVD Roundup: beautiful beast edition

Computer generated imagery is amazing, isn't it? The technology is so far advanced nowadays that we can create complete, and believable, worlds from scratch. However, why should we create new worlds when we can just reskin an old one? In a mission to make every one of their movies twice, Disney remade one of their 90s renaissance classics Beauty and the Beast in "live-action" format. It defiantly made a lot of money and was hugely popular, but do we really gain anything from seeing a more realistic looking singing candelabra? I don't know, I guess we'll have to watch the film and find out.

Some may be put off by lead actress Kristen Stewart's presence in this film, as she still can't seem to shake off the Bella Swann image, but she may not be as divisive as Personal Shopper. A psychological thriller that includes supernatural elements, this film has hints of Hitchcockian horror, but is apparently far too pretentious to be fulfilling. Still, one I'm intrigued to watch.

The debut feature from Hope Dickson Leach, The Levelling has essences of folk horror, but on a more subdue level. Following a woman who returns back to the family Somerset dairy farm after the 2014 floods and the death of her younger brother, she finds her father the shadow of his former self. Starring Ellie Kendrick, otherwise known as Meera from Game of Thrones, this seems like a sombre tragedy, but one that may be worth a watch.

Zombie film of the week goes to the low budget 2014 horror How to Kill a Zombie. A father tries to teach his son how to be his son during a zombie apocalypse, and try to find common ground between each other. This is one of those movies with hilariously polarising IMDb scores, ranging from a one to a ten. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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