Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Richees Thoughts on Kickstarter

I've been on Kickstarter for nearly two years now, joining when Shenmue 3 got announced as I loved the original so much. When I joined, I started pledging to some of my favourite genres, films, comics, and video games of course. Where as Shenmue 3 is still along way off, as the release date isn't until this December, other pledges have led me disillusioned by fund raising page. I helped fund Friday the 13th the Game, and while it's a fun game, it has lots of problems that need fixing, but at least the team behind it are still posting updates and chatting to those with issues on their twitter page. 

I've had two Kickstarter's go quiet on me. I've lost all hope in Rented to the Dead. It had my biggest pledge and is the main reason I'm dubious about pledging to other comic Kickstarter's. It was a time when I was just happy pledging to smaller English Kickstarter's, and ultimately and literally paid for that mistake. But with every let down there seems to be a a good guy. I found this in the form of Alterna comics who I've pledged to three times and every time they honour those pledges, and with the fan base they have, there's always adds on to be had on top of your pledge. 
The two films I've pledged to have the same issue. Let Me Make You A Martyr is a thriller starring Mark Boone Jr and Marilyn Manson and I pledged to it in September 2015, and yet I find myself still waiting, having received the t-shirt in the wrong size. The film was apparently out yesterday, so pledges should be here soon, but the original delivery date was August 2016 so it's nearly a year late. 

The other film also due for delivery this month is Cannibals & Carpet Fitters, an English film made by James Bushe who did everything to needed to keep everyone in the loop, posting update after update and letting everyone know what's happening, leading me to be hopeful about the outcome of this project. The biggest problem I've had with Kickstarter is when the creators go silent, which happens too often. It seems highly unprofessional, and I feel that even if you're having problems, keeping people updated is the professional thing to do.
My final thoughts on Kickstarter is that it's good for creative people who want to make something, but it's also full of scumbags who just want your money. Then there's the group who make mistakes with their projects, then just go silent and hide, which is what I think has been the problem with my Kickstarter's. In my time I've had sixteen projects successfully funded and I'm still waiting on seven of them. I'll keep checking Kickstarter, but I'm going to be far more diligent with what I pledge too and I recommend you do the same. Find the diamond amongst the garbage.

Every rubbish Kickstarter that does get funded just opens up the floor for more people to put out shoddy content. Think of the lame Mighty No. 9, but for every Mighty No. 9  there's a Yooka-Laylee, which is worth pledging to, but which I forgot to pledge. After playing it I now regret my decision to not have paid more attention to it on Kickstarter. It was at a time when I was doubting all Kickstarter's, so damn you to those unprofessional Kickstarter's who are affecting other projects. Get your shit together! Richee

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