Saturday, 17 June 2017

Live Action Aladdin Could Be The Worse

Well, the live action Disney films have been big business for Disney lately, with Beauty and the Beast getting rave reviews and making those big bucks, so it would seem that every Disney film ever is getting the live action reboot treatment. One which sticks out like a sore thumb for me is Aladdin. The first thing to raise eyebrows is the director Guy Ritchie, at one point one of the best directors with hits like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. He has since been making very lacklustre films, such as the Sherlock movies, which are alright but nothing special, plus his two most recent films have flopped hard. The saving grace is that Aladdin is based on a street smart kid hustling and stealing in Agrabah, as Ritchie's best films are about street smart guys trying to get ahead in life.

Now on to the cast, some very worrying things here. Firstly, Tom Hardy has been rumoured to have been approached to play Jafar, which seems like a very odd choice to me. Tom Hardy is a brilliant actor but wouldn't touch my top 10 to play Jafar. One who would be up there is Patrick Stewart, who is campaigning for the role, as he apparently turned down the original and, surprisingly, regretted it. Will Smith is rumoured for the Genie, and again this falls in the Guy Ritchie spectrum; a once brilliant actor who has been faltering recently, well since After Earth, but I have faith he can put in a good performance as the Genie. 
No rumours about who could be playing the lead Aladdin, but Jade Thirlwall is rumoured for Jasmine, and yet again this would be an awful choice. For those who don't know who Jade Thirwall is (like I didn't) she is a member of the girl group Little Mix a band, who won X-Factor. She has no acting credits to her name, and where as everyone has to start somewhere, I don't think it should be in a mega money Disney movie. Let's face it, musicians rarely make good actors, so hopefully this is just a rumor.

So these are a few reasons I'm doubting the Aladdin live action reboot. The upside is that it has a solid story and script and some really catchy songs, which I suppose is one upside to having Will Smith as the Genie. What do you guys think? Does Aladdin have you worried, or are you more worried about the live action Little Mermaid? Let us know in the comments. Richee

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