Thursday, 22 June 2017

Headshot (2017) - Richee Review

Headshot got released earlier this year, and has now made it's way to Netflix. Starring the awesome Iko Uwais, I went in with high hopes for the action, following his starring roles in the two Raid films.

The film starts with crime boss Lee (Sunny Pang) breaking free from prison. During the escape a body is found washed up on a beach. Two months later, Iko Uwais' character is waking up from a coma induced by a HEADSHOT. This of course means he can't remember who he is, and while his memories slowly come back in fragments, he takes the moniker Ishmael while recovering with trainee doctor Ailin (Chelsea Islan). After Lee hears a rumour that one of his former members was still alive after a HEADSHOT, he sends his crew after Ishmael. Ailin is kidnapped by Lee and his gang, forcing Ishmael to track them down while his memories slowly return.
So let's not beat around the bush: the action fight scenes are amazing. We get multiple mini bosses with their own weapons who Ishmael has to fight one by one, until he finally catches up to Lee. The fight scenes are overly violent and glorious. The downside to the film is the gun play which is heavily CGI'd, and it is noticeable in a bad way. The story is very cliched, as memory loss due to a HEADSHOT isn't really a rarity in films. But the story flows well, and the characters are all unique and interesting, with Lee's methods being particularly nasty when you find out how he put his army together.

The actors do their job well. Iko Uwais is awesome, and Chelsea Islan is good as the typical heroine in distress, but she does get her moment to kick ass. Sunny Pang playing Lee is menacing and threatening in all his scenes and was a brilliant villain.
The film is enjoyable but doesn't reach the dizzying heights of the Raid films, but it is good for what it is, an action-fest for Iko to show some more of his awesome fighting moves. It could of done with a bit more polish on the CGI but I wasn't here for that, even though there are a lot of gun fight scenes which look a little lame. Final verdict is a 6/10: it's an above average action/thriller, it's been done better before but it's still a good watch for action junkies.

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