Saturday, 3 June 2017

Friday The 13th The Game: Richee Review

It's been a long road since I pledged to the Friday The 13th Kickstarter, after deciding to add a single player campaign the release of the game was delayed by nearly seven months. The game's release has been, well, not to sugar coat it, but it's a bit of a let down. The match making servers are atrocious over every format and multiple bugs have hindered the experience. Players dropping in and out of games is also a nuisance, making games end instantly if Jason leaves, or kicking everyone when the host leaves. 

The game play is simplistic yet entertaining, as Jason you must chase down the councillors and murder in a number of entertaining ways. As one of the councillors you need to find a way to escape one of three locations by either calling in the police or by fixing a car or boat. You can find weapons to defend yourself, set traps and set up distractions to keep Jason off your back, or just hide under the bed and hope you don't get spotted.
The single player isn't out yet but is due as a free update at the end of the summer. The quick play is the only real option right now, and it is far from quick. Getting stuck waiting for servers for up to twenty minutes, I gave up after that. I did have a good session earlier today though, playing multiple games, completing three and having people drop out of about six games.

Right now the game is in an annoying state as it's hard to get a game, but when you do get in with the right group it's great fun. I enjoy both game types; hunting people as Jason is great fun, when you get locked in a duel with a wily player locking doors escaping through windows and the such it's a great thrill. I've not been as lucky as the councillor, as I've been brutally murdered the three times I've bumped into Jason. I've not actually escaped escaped with out Jason leaving the session, which has happened about six times.

Final Rating is a 5/10, right in the middle. The score would easily be a 7 if it wasn't for the bugs and the ridiculous wait times. Some of the graphics on the councillors is a bit silly, but it doesn't take away from the game. The music and sound effects are great, with the classic Jason theme really freaking me out. So once the servers are sorted this is gonna be great fun for solo players and friends alike. Richee  

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