Monday, 19 June 2017

DVD Roundup: Orca, Gentleman Ghost, and Condiment King edition

Lego movies seem to be on the ball at the moment. After the poignant The Lego Movie, we now have The Lego Batman Movie, which displays an understanding of its source material and audience more than many superhero franchises could ever hope to achieve. With beautiful animation and a whip smart script, executed perfectly by its on point voice acting, Lego Batman is pure joy to experience, and one truly the whole family can enjoy. Listen to our podcast review in the player below.

After all the awkwardness of this year Oscar shambles, Barry Jenkins Moonlight went on to win the Best Film award, and by all accounts, was thoroughly deserved. Detailing three chapters in the life of Chiron, Moonlight delivers some tough subject matter, but manages to make it subtle and intricate storytelling, coupled with impressive visuals. Looking forward to watching this one.

Schwarzenegger is back as a grieving family man, whose wife and daughter die in a plane crash caused by an air traffic controller. Arnie is going for these slightly more soulful acting choices, especially after the likes of Maggie, but unfortunately Aftermath looks like an uninspired revenge flick with not much to say.

To link in with tomorrows podcast review of Prevenge, Preggoland looks into some of the prejudices against childless women. Starring Sonja Bennett, we see go full on with a fake pregnancy after she is mistakenly thought to be expecting, as especially after she messes up a friends baby shower. Its always interesting to see movies satire these slightly taboo subjects, and also its got Danny Trejo in it!

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