Monday, 26 June 2017

DVD Roundup: Mummy Issues edition

Still... Still this is a thing. After the abysmal mess that was Fifty Shades of Grey, the sequel Fifty Shades Darker is now out now to own. We didn't see this is theatres, and it seems like a lot less people did as well, achieving a nearly $200 million loss worldwide compared to the first movie. I suppose if you are a fan of the books, or you just love watching car-crash movies, then this looks like a film for you.

Telling the story of the aftermath of th 2013 Boston marathon bombings, Patriots Day is, well, a patriotic movie aimed primarily at American's, highlighting the deeds done the Boston public, police and FBI. The emotion is primarily played out in the action, and the brutal results of the bombing, and stands out as a more intelligent class of disaster movie.

From the director behind Trollhunters, The Autopsy of Jane Doe sees father and son coroners, played by Brian Cox and Emil Hirsch, investigate the death of an anonymous corpse, with increasingly disturbing findings. A strongly intriguing plot, this looks to be a film full of mounting dread and a little gore, and one I'm definitely going to look out for.

Set in 1979, a single mother is trying to raise her teenage son, and does so with the help of two younger women. A witty look at communal raising, and with an excellent cast, 20th Century Women looks to be a funny, if emotional, meditation on the post-nuclear family.

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