Monday, 12 June 2017

DVD ROUNDUP: Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut edition

The Founder may be a good test on your opinion of capitalism and greed, according to Leigh in their review. Michael Keaton's role as Ray Kroc, who franchised the McDonald brothers fast food restaurant, will either be the hero or the villain; a Randian leader, or an enterprising thief. Any which way you see it, The Founder looks like a fascinating look into the beginnings of a corporation both loved and hated, and looks set to provide excellent performances from Keaton and Nick Offerman. Read Leigh's full review here.

Having not seen the first John Wick, there's not much I can presume from its sequel. To me, the first film looked like a generic action flick, but I'm pleasantly surprised to find out that its actually a highly rated film, and I hear there's one part with a dog that's quite affecting. So far, Chapter 2 has been rewarded with high praise, propelling it into the territory of "worth while follow-up".

Just when you thought we called all rest easy, they've decided to reboot the abysmal Resident Evil film series, mere months after the release of the sixth and final instalment The Final Chapter. Maybe these movies fall into the category of "so bad their good" for some people, but in truth they've merely become a lazy, money making franchise that achieves the bare minimum.

The initial trailer for The Great Wall was definitely groan inducing, especially after the casting shit-show for Ghost in the Shell, but once it became obvious that it was about monsters attacking the Great Wall of China, it really didn't make much different whether Matt Damon was in it or not. The mash-up of US action and Chinese fantasy did quite well in China, but underperformed in America, so big cinema studios have a little way to go before before they can find the formula to world wide box office gold.

Sometimes you just want to see someone act the shit out of their material. Directed by Denzel Washington, who also stars as the lead role, and also played the same role in the original stage version, came into heavy praise for his interpretation of Fences, and so did Viola Davis for her part, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. All about crushed dreams and family drama, Fences may not be an easy watch, but it definitely looks like a worthwhile one.

We really loved Ruth Negga's turn as Tulip in the first season of Preacher, so I was a bit annoyed that we couldn't see her in Loving when it was released in the cinema. Telling the story of Mildred and Richard Loving and the court case they had to go to against the state of Virginia, all because they're a mixed race couple, has been praised for its restraint and performances, and looks like a twin to Fences in terms acting capability and storytelling.

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