Wednesday, 31 May 2017

War Machine (2017) - Netflix Review

So Netflix are pumping out some pretty interesting looking films at the moment, with War Machine being one of the first released starring Brad Pitt, and being produced by Pitt's own production company Plan B, who have done such shit films as World War Z. War Machine follows Glen, the latest US General to have a crack at the war in Afghanistan in 2009. We follow his trials and tribulations as he struggles to get an audience with his own President, and the Afghanistan President. who clearly doesn't give a shit about being helpful, plus a group of misfits for his team. 

To get some publicity for the war, Glenn brings in a Rolling Stone magazine reporter to come tour with his troop, as they try to recruit allies from European coalition partners. We find out in Paris that Glen's marriage is under strain due to the work load, as he has spent thirty three days with his wife in the last eight years. 

The film has a narrator through out, which you find out later is the Rolling Stones reporter. He is my first real problem with this film, as his voice is very monotone and frankly boring. He holds your hand through out the film, explaining the characters in Glen's troop and talking about the issues with invading a country, and fighting a war this way against insurgences. The high point of the film came when the action finally kicked in and we see a group of soldiers from Sasquatch company get in a fire fight with some insurgence in what should be an unpopulated zone. 
Those ten minutes of the film were hands down the best, and they didn't even involve Brad Pitt. Instead we got Will Polter, who I am biased against because he is a fellow Brit and an excellent actor. We also have Lakeith Stanfield who is excellent as Cole, a soldier who is on the edge and fed up with the situation they find themselves in, and finally snaps when they come under fire. Other then that, I'd say the film was boring.

Brad Pitt is doing his Inglorious Basterds voice again and seems to be quite hammy I found. This film is described as a dark comedy, yet I found myself unamused through out. I guess his useless entourage is supposed to be funny, but I just found them unentertaining and cliched. Plus with a run time of two hours, I found this film painfully long.

Final rating is a 3/10: this is a bad film, and made me think of Adam Sandler and his production company. Maybe Plan B is nothing more then an ego project for Brad where he can make the films the way he wants against the criticism of anyone else. He looks the part, but the distracting voice and ridiculous way he jogs just makes me "think what is he doing?" In fact, the only two actors I enjoyed in this are Will Poulter and Lakeith Stanfield, as they seemed the only two to show any kind of emotion during what must have been a very tough situation. If you like war/drama films give it a go, if not I wouldn't bother. Richee 


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