Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Pokemon Leafgreen Nuzlocke #11

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The route through Victory Road was a tough one, tougher then I thought it would be. I ran into cool trainer George who had five strong Pokemon; his Cloyster was a right pain in the butt, weakening Cap'n K till he was unusable. The rest of my team also took a beating, till it ended up between Arcanine and Turtz, who had been paralysed previously in the battle. Turtz had just under half his life left and I didn't think Arcanine would stand a chance. One critical hit take down later and Turtz was defeated. I was shocked, distraught and bewildered; my starter, my longest serving ally, defeated by a critical hit.

I sent Terar out, who didn't take any damage and defeated Arcanine with ancient powers. I shouldn't have doubted Terar. With Turtz defeated, I can't see a way of defeating the Elite Four, let alone the champ. I get NeighNeigh out for Turtz and carry on through Victory Road, struggling though with each battle, getting closer and closer. I almost lose K.O. at one point. I got into a double battle with two more cool trainers, Ray an Tyra, who have a Nidoking/Nidoqueen combo. Things seem to be going well with Mothra and Cap'n K taking down the Nidoqueen, but Nidoking hit thrash on Mothra and I'm another member down. 

Cap'n K and Terar finish the battle and I reach Indigo Plateau. I'm not prepared for this though. I decide I have to swallow my pride and go to get a Legendary in Zapdos. I battle through the power plant. An Electrode used self destruct on NeighNeigh and I lose my third Pokemon to that move, such a B.S. move. I don't waste time with Zapdos, using my master ball to catch Zapidy. I also get Otto out, which means I have three flying types in my team. I'm so boned.

I grind my weaker guys up, evolving Otto into Pidgeot and getting General Mow to level 40. I'm not confident in my team. I use my 6 rare candies on Zapidy to get me through the first member of the Elite Four. My team consists of Otto and General Mow on level 40, Terar on level 44, Cap'n K on level 46,  K.O. on level 47, and Zapidy on level 56. I have K.O. out first, hoping thunder punch can do some damage.

I enter the Indigo Plateau and my first battle is against Lorelei, the ice type trainer. Lorelei has Dewgong out first on level 52. I'm extremely under levelled. K.O. should do fine with thunder punch though. Dewgong uses ice beam for a massive hit on K.O., taking off half his health. Thunder punch hits and is super effective, but it does little damage. I switch in Cap'n K, and Dewgong uses hail for it's free turn. Dewgong uses surf, which isn't very effective, but it still does huge damage, taking off a third of his health. I can't afford to lose Cap'n K, so I switch in Otto to take the loss and ice beam does just that. 

Well this is going horribly. I use my secret weapon, Zapidy. Zapidy uses thunder to one hit Dewgong. Slowbro on level 52 is out next. I keep Zapidy out to thunder and get my second victory. Lapras on level 54 is then out. I stick with Zapidy, but thunder doesn't defeat Lapras and Lapras gets an ice beam off for huge damage. Zapidy goes for drill peck for decent damage, but Lorelei used a full restore. One more thunder defeats Lapras. Zapidy can't take another hit. Lorelei sends in Jynx on level 54. I switch in General Mow, hoping to get off some quick fire bites and flinches, but it doesn't go to plan, as Jynx uses lovely kiss to put General Mow to sleep. Jynx then used attract to drag out this fight. General Mow wakes up but is immobilized by love; another lovely kiss puts General Mow to sleep then Jynx just finishes it with ice punch.

I need Zapidy again, but thunder misses and ice punch hits to defeat Zapidy. I'm down half my team, including my secret weapon. I send K.O. back out, but he falls to a Jynx ice punch. Cap'n K then goes out and he takes the ice punch and connects with a decent stomp, but ice punch defeats Cap'n K on the next hit. Terar is my last Pokemon. I have little hope for the poor guy, and ice punch one hits Terar to defeat my team and end my journey short. If I would have had Turtz, I reckon I could have taken down Jynx, but I'm not sure about the others. Well, another failure is starting to make me think I'm destined to constantly fall at the last hurdle. Richee

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