Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #9

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Well, seven badges in, only one to go before I take on the Pokemon League. Bill is waiting for me on Cinnabar Island, and I decide to take a break from Gym battles to accompany him to One Island. As soon as I arrive I'm sent on an errand to deliver a meteorite. I head up Kindle Road where I'm attacked by a Fearow. After a short battle, I catch her and name her Chicky. While battling, Terar reached level 25. I reached Mt Ember and Terar got his first taste of battle, defeating a Bellsprout and two Glooms.

I managed to catch a Ponyta (NeighNeigh) as a much needed fire type, if I need a back up. Then the worst thing possible happened; a level 34 Geodude crit hit Little Bill with self destruct, and that was all she wrote for Little Bill. That's three huge loses in a short amount of time. I reached the top of Mount Ember and found Moltres, the legendary fire Pokemon. I want to get through the Pokemon League without using legendary Pokemon, so I defeat him for the experience.

With Island one down, I head to Island two. Not a lot going on at Island two, so I catch a Poliway and name her Polli, then head on to Island three. I batter some goony bikers, and get the Pokemon storage system working, so I release Little Bill to the wild and get out NeighNeigh. I battle another biker who has a Weezing with smoke screen and a Muk with minimize, which makes the battle extremely tedious, but I get through it with no losses.

I head into the berry forest where I get lucky for the first time in a while and get attacked by a Venomoth on level 40. I catch him and name him Mothra. I'm also able to catch a Persian on level 37 I name him General Mow. I find a lost child being harassed by a Hypno. I easily defeat it and that's everything on the Island's I have to do. I head back to Cinnabar Island, where I'm going for my eight badge in Cerulean city.

So grinding through Cerulean gym, I get Terar up to level 36 - he's really coming together. I reach Giovanni; this shouldn't be an issue as Giovanni is a ground type trainer. Turtz, level 44, starts against Rhyhorn, level 45, and one surf puts Rhyhorn down. A level 42 Dugtrio also falls to Turtz and surf. Nidoqueen, level 44, is up next. I switch in Mothra, level 41, to use psybeam for decent damage. I wasn't expecting earthquake to hit, but it does and it hits hard. I switch Turtz back in to clean up with surf. Nidoking is up next on level 45. Turtz isn't messing around, and one surf is all it takes. Giovanni's last Pokemon is Rhyhorn on level 50. I switch in K.O. on level 44 to mach punch his way to victory. It takes a few, as Giovanni used a couple of hyper potions, but he got the job done. Richee 

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