Saturday, 6 May 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #8

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Inside Sabrina's Gym and looking to get my sixth badge. Business as usual I thought, until I lost Lapette against a random scrub and her Haunter, which used destiny bond. I go grab Mags as back up and release Lapette. I only had her for a short time, but she was awesome in the fifth gym. I reach Sabrina, who has Kadabra out first on level 38. I send out Buzzbee on level 37. Kadabra went first with future sight, then Buzzbee took him down with one twin needle.

Mr Mime, level 37, is out next to take on Buzzbee. Mr Mime uses reflect to up it's special defence. That doesn't stop twin needle doing decent damage, and psybeam did decent damage on Buzzbee, who finishes Mr Mime with another twin needle. Buzzbee is done; having taken the psybeam damage and the future sight attack, he can't take much more. Alakazam is out next for Sabrina on level 43. I switch in Little Bill, who is a bit weaker at level 37. Alakazam uses calm mind, then gets crushed with a body slam. Sabrina uses two hyper potions to keep Alakazam alive, but body slam does it's job and takes out Sabrina's strongest Pokemon. 

Venomoth on level 38 is Sabrina's final Pokemon, and Little Bill makes short work of him with more body slam goodness. So badge six in my pocket, but I need to add some quality to my team. On route 20 I get attacked by a level 10 Tentacool, which won't do, so I beat him and move on to Seasfoam Island to see if I can get anything good. Nope. A level 26 Golbat. This won't do. I defeat it and move on again. I reach Cinnabar Island, but carry on past it to route 21 where I miss my chance to catch a Tangela. It was only level 23, and a grass Pokemon would have been handy

I head up to Pewter City to say hi to Brock and pick up the Old Amber. Now back to Cinnabar Island to get an Aerodactyl from the Old Amber. I name him Terar, but he's only level 5. I leave Terar in the care of Professor Oak, sticking with my awesome team. I head into the Pokemon Mansion hoping to catch a bad-ass fire type, but I get attacked by a level 26 Rattata. I don't even try to catch it and just defeat it. What a waste.

I battle my way through the mansion with Buzzbee leading the attack. On my way out the worst thing possible could have happened, as a level 32 Raticate defeated Buzzbee, who had got to level 41. One critical hit with hyper fang is all it took to defeat Buzzbee. I was mad at Buzzbee for losing, but he had taken damage in the mansion, and I shouldn't have expected so much from him. So long, Buzzbee. I have little choice now, and grabbing Terar I head into Cinnabar gym, hoping no one has pursuit as Terar couldn't take it.

I reach Blaine, with no casualties thankfully, and Terar up to level 14. Blaine has Growlithe out first on level 42. I have Terar out, but switch in Cap'n K, who is also on level 42. Growlithe gets a free fire blast on Cap'n K, but is then defeated by Cap'n K and mudshot. Blaine has Ponyta out next on level 40. I again switch Terar in and out again to get that experience. Turtz, level 42, is on the end of a fire blast this time. Turtz uses surf to deal with Ponyta.

Rapidash, level 42, is out next. I don't want to risk a free attack, so I send in Mags on level 41. Again, Blaine sticks with fire blast. Mags uses thunder wave to paralyse, but Blaine uses full heal on his next turn as Mags misses hydro pump. Another fire blast hits, but so does hydro pump this time. Rapidash just survives, so Blaine uses hyper potion, while Mags uses twister for little damage. Hydro pump hits again to defeat Rapidash this time.

Blaine is down to his last Pokemon, a level 47 Arcanine. Damn, I'm under levelled for this guy. Luckily I have the type advantage with Turtz. Surf hits big again, but Arcanine survives. Blaine (surprisingly) uses fire blast again. Blaine uses hyper potion to keep Arcanine alive, but another surf wipes out the effects of the hyper potion, then one more surf gets me and my team our seventh badge. Richee

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