Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #7

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Before we start with this episode, I should mention Turtz evolved into Blastoise in the last episode. I some how forgot to mention that. Sorry.

On the top floor of Silph Co., before I take on the leader of Team Rocket, I'm given a Lapras from a random guy. I name her Lapette and look forward to bringing her into the team. As I head in to the final office I find Giovanni, the smug git. I have K.O. on level 32 out first. Giovanni sends out Nidorino on level 37. I leave K.O. out to use strength but it does little damage, whereas Nidorino's horn attack has me worried for K.O., so I switch Cap'n K in, who's level 38. Nidorino's fury attack misses, and is then defeated by mud shot. Cap'n K is the Pokemon!

Nidoqueen is out next on level 41. I have no worries though: Cap'n K has got this. Nidoqueen paralyzes Cap'n K on her first bodyslam, but Cap'n K shakes it off, hitting two Mud shots, the second being a critical hit to get the win. He did take a second body slam though, and is done for this battle. Kangaskhan, level 35, is out next. I switch in Mags. on level 36. I stick with the thunder wave then dragon rage combo, which has worked so far, and it does again. Kangaskhan gets off a mega punch in the battle, but other then that, Mags is good. 

Giovanni's last Pokemon is Rhyhorn on level 37. I switch in Turtz, who is also level 37. Turtz doesn't waste any time. One water pulse is all it took to put Rhyhorn and Giovanni in their place. I got a master ball for my time clearing out Team Rocket. That, and Lapette, makes it worth my time. I head to the Pokecenter and deposit K.O.. I'll get him back out later but the next two gyms are poison and psychic, so K.O. won't be much use, and then I get out Lapette. 

I head back down to Fuschia City to take on Koga. Lapette is out first only on level 28 though (I'm missing the exp share). Koga has a level 37 Koffing out first. Lapette uses psychic for huge damage, but is poisoned by Koffing's toxic. Koga uses a hyper potion to heal Koffing, but it doesn't help as the second psychic defeats Koffing. Nice work, Lapette! Koga puts out Muk next on level 39, so I send in Cap'n K. The first mud shot does decent damage. Muk uses minimize to make hitting it there much harder. The next mud shot misses, and Muk's sludge poisons Cap'n K. The next mud shot hits leaving Muk in a bad way, but another minimize is worrying.

I switch in Buzzbee, level 37, while Koga uses hyper potion on Muk. Buzzbee uses focus energy to increase his chance of a critical hit, while Muk used another minimize to max out his evasion. Luckily, I was prepared for this. Buzzbee has aerial ace, which never misses, and it takes 4 to bring Muk down, while Muk sludged Buzzbee with little consequence. Another Koffing for Lapette to psychic, and Koga is down to his last Pokemon. 

Hot damn! A level 43 Weezing! I thought Muk was his strongest. I switch in Little Bill on level 37. Sludge critical hits, but body slam paralysed Weezing. Koga uses a full heal to sort out Weezing's status problem, while Little Bill uses rest to take that health back. A couple of sludge's and snores later, Little Bill is not in good shape. I switch in Mags to finish this fight off. She takes a sludge, but dragon rage finishes off the Weezing, defeating Koga and getting me my fifth badge. Richee

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