Saturday, 13 May 2017

Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke #10

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Now with all eight badges I can take to Victory Road, then on to the Elite Four to become the Pokemon Champion. But of course, who's waiting for me just out side of Cerulean City but that dastardly rival of mine. Out first for my rival is Pidgeot on level 47, and out first for me is Terar on level 35. I decide to stick with Terar, using ancient power to do decent damage. Pidgeot used wing attack, which didn't do much. Another ancient power leaves Pidgeot just hanging in there. Pidgeot used feather dance to lower Terars attack, but it doesn't stop Terar from beating Pidgeot on the next hit with wing attack.

Gyrados, level 45, is out next to take on K.O.. It took three thunder punches to bring the Gyrados down. The Gyrados missed hydro pump in the process and made it rain. Alakazam, level 47, is next to take on the mighty Turtz on level 45. Alakazam starts with calm mind to boost its special attack. Turtz used bite for decent damage. Alakazam disables bite, but Turtz goes for hydro cannon to finish Alakazam off. 

Venusaur is next for my rival on level 53. I switch K.O. back in. Venusaur boosts it's attacks with growth, and K.O. uses ice punch for very little damage, disappointingly. Venusaur uses razor leaf for huge damage to my surprise, and another ice punch hits but doesn't freeze unfortunately. I switch in Mothra, level 41, to get hit by razor leaf, then psybeam also doesn't do any damage. Another razor leaf forces me to switch out Mothra for Mags. Venusaur uses another growth to get me worried. Mags uses thunder wave to paralyse Venusaur, and Mags uses twister to hope for the flinch, but it doesn't happen and razor leaf one hits Mags.

K.O., Mothra and Terar have all taken too much damage, so I switch in Turtz to carry on with the flinch idea. Bite made Venusaur flinch, another bite made Venusaur flinch, and Paul doesn't heal, which is a massive relief. One more bite defeats Venusaur. My rivals next two Pokemon are a Ryhorn and Growlithe, on level 45, who both fall to a surf from Turtz. It was a close one; my Rival has trained his starter to a scary level I need to do more to level my team up.

First though, I have to release Mags, one of my longest serving allies. She will be sorely missed. I grab General Mow for his normal typing, which will hopefully help against Agatha of the Elite Four. On my way to Victory Road I head down route 23 to defeat a Sandshrew accidentally. I head into Victory Road hoping to get something good, as this is my last opportunity to catch something decent, and it's a level 32 Geodude (awesome...). I catch him anyway and name him The Dude. Another Geodude goes full douche bag, using self destruct straight away, giving me flash backs of Little Bill, but Terar took it like a champ. The next Pokemon to appear was a level 46 Marowak, leaving me asking why couldn't she of popped up sooner. Richee

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