Saturday, 20 May 2017

I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (2017): Richee Review

I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore is a dark comedy following Melanie Lynskey as Ruth, a depressed trainee nurse fed up with the way humanity treats each other. She finally has enough when her home is broken into and her grandmothers silver ware is stolen, along with her laptop. As the cops prove to be less then useless Ruth brings in oddball neighbour Tony (Elijah Wood) to back her up in finding the scum bags, and give them a good telling off. Things soon get out of hand though, as her enquires into the theft lead them to a dangerous group with dangerous scheme in hand. 

I love this type of film; the type that focuses on the fact humanity is a very selfish, disrespectful bunch of arseholes. There are no good guys in this film. Ruth is no hero herself, she's just a lady pushed over the edge by the things she witnesses in everyday life. Tony is a loner and even describes himself as obnoxious and that it's what drives people away, but Ruth has no choice but to accept his help in their misadventure. Devon Graye plays Christian, the guy who broke into Ruth's home. When we first see him in the film he looks like a pretty deplorable scum bag, stealing and assaulting a man, and he also has a moment where he gives a really menacing smile into a mirror. 
The film keeps you guessing on what's gonna happen next with a couple of surprising moments, especially with the final third you kinda know what's going down, but Ruth's part in it was a nice twist. The story goes at a good pace and has some good dialogue between characters. I also enjoyed the acting. I wasn't sure about Melanie Lynskey at first, as I only know her from Two and a Half Men, but she was brilliant for her part and everything she goes through. Elijah Wood is awesome as usual. I really love his odd ball characters, and the shuriken wielding Tony is no exception.

This is director Macon Blair's first outing as a director and he did an awesome job. He also wrote the film, which I think is where the film stands out, so I'll be looking forward to his next outing. Final rating is a 7/10, it's a good film. If you like your movies bleak but fun, I'd highly recommend this. When I say fun I mean in a dark way, like a man-stumbling-in-front-of-a-bus fun. It's one of those hidden gems on Netflix, so go check it out. Richee 

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