Monday, 8 May 2017

DVD Roundup: Literally deflating edition

We all expect violence and madness from a Martin Scorsese movie, but he's just as competent in his quieter outings. Silence was a passion project for Scorsese, detailing the missionaries in17th century Japan trying to spread Christianity in a country that believes it serves no purpose. A quiet, slow paced movie, Silence does still display the odd bit of grim violence, more morose and disheartening then Scorsese's usual fare. Well worth a watch, but only if you feel you can sustain its three hour run time. Listen to our full review in the player below.

Have you ever seen a movie trailer and concluded that this film could possibly be the most "meh" of meh movies? Passengers had the capability to be interesting, with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in the leads, and an interesting looking premise of lost-in-space-ness, but the films ending betrayed the lovey-dovey theme of the trailer, and even then, the film couldn't sustain its third act twist in the audiences attention. A shame, but unsurprising in a world of meh movies.

A Monster Calls may look like a kid-and-a-monster movie, but is instead a drama based around a boy whose father has moved away and mother is ill, and takes solace in a tree-creature, voiced by Liam Neeson. With lots of positive reviews, A Monster Calls promises to be a tear jerker.

If Passengers looked like a meh film, then Monster Trucks looked like the ultimate shit film. Admittedly, I'm shocked its not been done before. The film is, quite obviously, about a monster in a truck. And that's as interesting as it get. The problem with cynically shit movies is that people just have better things they want to spend money on, especially considering its release in January was drowned out by Oscar bait. Maybe it'll craft a fan base on home release, especially when the kids get bored of Disney.

You'd think a movie with eight leading actors would have a chance of being good, but Collateral Beauty currently stands with a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes because it insists on bashing you over the head with feelings. Will Smith stars as a man who suffers a tragedy, and then starts writing letters to Love, Time, and Death to ask for answers from the universe. Yeah, it does sound a little naff.

Whoa, another movie with a terrible critical reception. But what do you expect from a horror that looks like a rip off of every other grungy-tinted jump scare horror. Students discover that the route of all evil is not a human moral issue, but a singular evil entity. Yeah, so... if you do something bad, its not your fault, its The Bye Bye Man. Yeah.

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