Monday, 29 May 2017

DVD Roundup: Camelot edition

Jackie Kennedy is remembered primarily as the widow of an assassinated president, but individually she is quite an interesting person. Jackie is a stylistic film, which may be off-putting to some, but pushing past that we are treated to wonderful character study and meditation of beauty and grief. And, of course, there's the soundtrack by the awesome Mica Levi, who previously worked on the music for Under the Skin. Listen to our full review in the player below.

How many Underworld movies are there now? Five? Well, I guess Kate Beckinsale is back to kick some vampire-ass. Blood Wars sees Selene fighting the war to end all wars against the vampires and the Lycans. But don't worry, there is a sequel in the works. I've only seen the first film and, to be honest, that's all I have the strength to watch of this series.

Whoa, what is this film? I don't think I've seen any xXx movie. A extreme sports star turned reluctant spy? Wait, isn't this the same kind of premise to the later Fast and Furious films? Well, there's a third one out now, twelve years after the last one, and apparently its the eighth highest grossing movie of 2017 so far. Wow! And we've all got Mark Zuckerburg to blame for it, cos he's a huge Xander Cage nerd.

Released two years after they wanted it to be released, Rings was a massive flop with the critics. With a poorly executed script to a film that didn't really need another sequel, but which The Atlantic ensures is at least a film that is so bad its at least funny to watch.

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