Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sandy Wexler (2017) - Netflix Review

Well Sandler keeps on pumping out these Netflix exclusives, while laughing and counting his money (I imagine). I had little hope for Sandy Wexler as the trailer didn't look like something that Sandler could make an interesting film about: Sandler doing a silly voice, all his usual lackeys making cameos, and then the fact it's about a talent manager (yawn). Sandler made cowboys look shit. What will he do to talent managers?

So the story follows Sandy Wexler in the 90's managing his slap dash group of struggling artists, ranging from a ventriloquist to a trapeze stunt man. While this is going on, Sandler's celebrity pals comment on what Wexler is like, and all his peculiar habit's. When Wexler discovers a talented singer, he puts everything he can into making her a star. But he breaks his own rules, getting too close to the talent he manages.

This is your typical self-serving Sandler flick, the only films he seems to make nowadays. Sandy as a character is tolerable, barely. He should have toned down the annoying characteristics, with the whole fake laugh, annoying voice, then the scenes where he tells people to put money towards now failed business', while telling them to sell shares for successful companies. It's moderately amusing the first time, but the second and third time it's just not funny. I must admit, I did like the fact they got Solofa 'Rikishi' Fatu Jr to act as Terry Crews in ring opponent, which for me was the best part of the film.

So what we have here is a mediocre film which isn't that funny, and drags through out. But this is possibly one of the better Netflix exclusives Sandler has made. All the actors are fine, I'm just kind of sick of seeing most of them in Sandler films now. My final score is a 3/10: it's a bad film with not much to offer, and is extremely predictable, especially in the ending. Richee

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